EUROMECH Colloquium # 535

Similarity and Symmetry Methods in Solid Mechanics

7-12 June 2013, Varna, Bulgaria

Organized by Ivailo Mladenov (Sofia) and Jean-Francois Ganghoffer (Nancy)


EUROMECH Workshops is a new series of events launched by EUROMECH in 2013, aimed at providing rigorous training in modern specialized topics to young doctoral or post-doctoral students. The workshop gives participants a quick and effective entry point into the fundamental aspects of Lie symmetries.

The aim of the Workshop is to bring together researchers who apply similarity and symmetry analysis to engineering problems in both solid and fluid mechanics, researchers who are developing significant extensions of these methods so that they can be applied more widely, and numerical analysts who develop and use such methods in numerical schemes. Symmetries are useful to integrate the differential equations underlying the boundary value problems encountered in solid and fluid mechanics, to build symmetry preserving numerical schemes.

Those topics will introduced by three main speakers, leaders in the field, who made a pedagogical introduction and laid out key issues and concepts: G. Bluman (UBC, Vancouver, Canada), N. Ibragimov (Blekinge Institute of Technology, Karlskrona University, Sweden), and C.-M. Marle (Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie and French Academy of Sciences, Paris).

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