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blue_but.gif (1076 bytes) Head:
Albena Momchilova-Pankova
Phone: +359-2-9792686
Fax: +359-2-9712493
1956 Born July 15, Pernik (Bulgaria)
1980 MS, Sofia University, Biological Faculty
1986 PhD in Biophysics
1991 Associate Professor 
2002 DSc in Biophysics
2003 Professor

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blue_but.gif (1076 bytes) Staff:

Kamen Koumanov, Academician

Diana Petkova, Associate Professor, PhD, DSc

Galya Staneva, Research Associate, PhD

Tania Markovska, Biologist

Russina Hazarosova, Research Associate

Albena Jordanova, Research Associate, PhD

Ivanka Vassileva, Technician

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blue_but.gif (1076 bytes)Our Alumni:


Mariana Nikolova-Karakashian, Research associate, PhD

Current position: Associate Professor, University of Kentucky (USA)


Vania Hinkovska-Galcheva, Research associate, PhD

Current position: Research Scientist, University of Michigan (USA)


Tania Hristova, Research associate, PhD

Current position: Postdoc, University of Toronto (Canada)


Svetlana Koshlukova, PhD

Current position: Postdoc, State University of New York at Buffalo (USA)



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blue_but.gif (1076 bytes)Research Topics

Lateral membrane lipid organization and transmembrane signal transduction. Membrane microdomain formation and functions. Transmembrane systems for lipid transport. Membrane phospholipids asymmetry. Modulation of membrane-bound enzyme activities by the composition and the physico-chemical state of membrane phospholipids. Role of fatty acids and phospholipids in the processes of carcinogenesis. 

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blue_but.gif (1076 bytes)Experimental Methods

Fatty acid analysis, phospholipid separation and quantification, gas chromatography, thin layer chromatography, preparation of subcellular membrane fractions, isolation of detergent-resistant membranes (rafts), measurment of transmembrane lipid transport, membrane asymmetry determination, modification of the membrane phospholipid composition and fluidity in vivo and in vitro, giant unilamellar vesicle preparation, cell culture, autoradiography, immunofluorescence, lipid enzyme activity determination.

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blue_but.gif (1076 bytes)Selected Publications 

1.   Pankov R., Markovska T., Hazarosova R., Antonov P., Ivanova L., Momchilova A. (2005) - Cholesterol distribution in plasma membranes of b1 integrin-expressing and b1 integrin-deficient fibroblasts. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 442, 160–168. (PDF)

2.   Staneva G., Seigneuret M., Koumanov K., Trugnan G., Angelova M. I. (2005) Detergents induce raft-like domains budding and fission from giant unilamellar heterogeneous vesicles A direct microscopy observation. Chemistry and Physics of Lipids 136 , 55-66. (PDF)  

3.   Quinn P. J., Tessier C., Rainteau D., Koumanov K. S., Wolf C. (2005) Structure and thermotropic phase behaviour of detergent-resistant membrane raft fractions isolated from human and ruminant erythrocytes. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1713, 5-14. (PDF)

4.   Koumanov K. S., Tessier C., Momchilova A. B., Rainteau D., Wolf C., Quinn P. J. (2005) Comparative lipid analysis and structure of detergent-resistant membrane raft fractions isolated from human and ruminant erythrocytes. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 434, 150–158. (PDF)

5.   Tessier C. Quinn P.J., Koumanov K., Trugnan G., Reinteau D., Wolf C. (2004) Modulation of the phase heterogeneity of aminoglycerophopholipid mixtures by sphingomyelin and monovalent cations: maintenance of the lamellar arrangement in the biological membranes. Eur. Biophys. J. 33,513-521. (PDF)  

6.   Staneva G., Angelova M.I., Koumanov K. (2004) Phospholipase A2 Promotes Raft Budding and Fission from Giant Liposomes. Chem. Phys. Lipids 129, 53-62. (PDF)

7.   Bailleux A., Wendum D., Audubert F., Jouniaux A.M., Koumanov K., Trugnan G., Masliah J. (2004) Cytosolic phospholipase A2/p11 interaction controls arachidonic acid release as a function of epithelial cell confluence. Biochem J. 378, 307-315. (PDF)

8.   Staneva G., Momchilova A., Angelova M., Koumanov K. (2004) Regulatory effect of sphingolipids on secretory phospholipase A2. A comparative study using SUV and GUV. C.R. Acad. Bulg. Sci 57,(1), 59-64. (PDF)

9.   Koumanov K., Momchilova A., Wolf C. (2003) Bimodal regulatory effect of melittin and phospholipase A2-activating protein on human type II secretory phospholipase A2. Cell Biol. Int.27, 871-877. (PDF)

10.   Chabot S., Koumanov K., Lambeau G., Gelb M.H., Balloy V., Chignard M., Whitsett J.A.,   Touqui L. (2003) Inhibitory effect of surfactant protein A on surfactant phospholipids hydrolysis by secreted phospholipases A2.    J. Immunol. 171, 995-1000. (PDF)

11   Attalah H.L., Wu Y., Alaoui-El-Azher M., Thouron F., Koumanov K., Wolf C., Brochard L., Harf A., Delclaux C., Touqui L. (2003) Eur. Respir. J. 21, 1040-1045. (PDF)

12.   Ledoux S., Runembert I., Koumanov K., Michel J.B., Trugnan G., Fridlander G. (2003) Hypoxia enhances ecto-5’-nucleotidase activity and cell surface expression in endothelial cells. Role of membrane lipidsCirc. Res. 92, 848-855. (PDF)

13.   Koumanov K.S., Momchilova A.B., Quinn P.J., Wolf C. (2002) Ceramides increase the activity of the secretory phospholipase A2 and alter its fatty acid specificity – Biochem. J. 363, 45-51. (PDF)


14.  Wolf C., Koumanov K., Tenchov B., Quinn P.J. (2001) Cholesterol favors phase separation   of sphingomyelin – Biophys. Chem. 89, 163-172. (PDF)


15.  Klapisz E., Masliah J., Bereziat G., Wolf C., Koumanov K.S. (2000) Sphingolipids and cholesterol modulate membrane susceptibility to cytosolic phospholipase A2 J. Lipid Res. 41, 1680-1688. (PDF)

16.  Momchilova A, Ivanova L, Markovska T, Pankov R. (2000) Stimulated nonspecific transport of phospholipids results in elevated external appearance of phosphatidylserine in ras-transformed fibroblasts – Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 381, 295-301. (PDF)

17.  Momchilova A, Markovska T, Pankov R. (1999) Ha-ras-transformation alters the metabolism of phosphatidylethanolamine and phosphatidylcholine in NIH 3T3 fibroblasts – Cell Biol. Int. 23, 603-610. (PDF)

18.  Wolf C., Quinn P., Koumanov K., Chachaty C., Tenchov B. (1999) Arrangement physique des lipides membranaires susceptibles d’être utilisés par les processus d’adressage cellulaire des protéines – Soc. Biol. 193, 1-6. (PDF)


19.  Couturier C., Brouillet A., Couriaud C., Koumanov K., Béréziat G., Andréani M. (1999) Interleukin 1b induces type-II-secreted phospholipase A2 gene in vascular smooth muscle cells by a nuclear factor kB- and peroxisome proliferator activated receptor-mediated process – J. Biol. Chem. 274, 23085-23093. (PDF)


20.  Klapisz E., Ziari M., Wendum D., Koumanov K., Brachet-Ducos C., Olivier J.-L., Bereziat G., Trugnan G., Masliah J. (1999) N- and C-terminal plasma membrane anchoring modulate differently agonist-induced activation of cytosolic phospholipase A2 – Eur. J. Biochem. 265, 957-966. (PDF)


21.  Momchilova A, Markovska T. (1999) Phosphatidylethanolamine and hosphatidylcholine are sources of diacylglycerol in ras-transformed NIH 3T3 fibroblasts – Int. J. Biochem. Cell Biol. 311-318. (PDF)


22.  Momchilova A, Markovska T, Pankov R. (1998) Phospholipid dependence of embrane-bound phospholipase A2 in ras-transformed NIH 3T3 fibroblasts – Biochimie 80, 1055-1062. (PDF)


23.  Arbibe L., Koumanov K.S., Vial D., Rougeot C., Faure G., Havet N., Longacre S., Vargaftig B., Béréziat G., Voelker D.R., Wolf C., Touqui L. (1998) Generation of lyso-phospholipids from surfactant in acute lung injury is mediated by type II phospholipase A2 and inhibited by a direct surfactant protein A-phospholipase A2 protein interaction - J. Clin. Invest. 102, 1152-1160. (PDF)


24.  Cane A., Breton M., Koumanov K., Béréziat G., Colard O. (1998) Oxidant-induced arachidonic acid release and impairment of fatty acid acylation on vascular smooth muscle cells - Am. J. Physiol. 274, C1040-C1046. (PDF)


25.  Koumanov K.S., Quinn P.J., Béréziat G., Wolf C. (1998) Cholesterol relieves the inhibitory effect of sphingomyelin on type II secretory phospholipase A2 - Biochem. J. 336, 625-630. (PDF)


26.  Koumanov K., Wolf C., Béréziat G. (1997) Modulation of human type II secretory phospholipase A2 by sphingomyelin and annexin VI - Biochem. J. 326, 227-233. (PDF)


27.  Cupillard L., Koumanov K., Mattei M.G., Lazdunski M., Lambeau G. (1997) Cloning, chromosomal mapping and expression of a novel human secretory phospholipase A2 - J. Biol. Chem. 272, 15745-15752. (PDF)

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