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ball1.gif (7452 bytes) The Institute of biophysics – BAS congratulates the Director of the Institute Prof. DSc. Andon Kossev in connection with his promotion as a corresponding member of BAS.


ball1.gif (7452 bytes) On Dec. 10th and 12th 2008 Prof. Werner Wolf from the Bundeswer University, Munich, Germany, was a guest of the Institute of biophysics – BAS.


ball1.gif (7452 bytes) On Nov. 5th 2008 a Frame cooperation was signed between the Center of Biomedical Engineering and the Institute of biophysics – BAS, and the University hospital for neurology and psychiatry “St. Naum”. This agreement outlines the level of cooperation, which includes clinical trials, creation of scientific teams for specific topics, development of projects of mutual benefit and participation in competitions financed by European sources, training of specialists and improving their qualification.



ball1.gif (7452 bytes)1. In the time period Oct. 6th – 20th, 2008, the post-graduate student Christine Kirhoff, a PhD student of prof. Thomas Grot from the “Martin Luther” University, Hale, Germany, participated in a specialization program in the Institute of biophysics – BAS. This specialization is carried out under the DAAD-15 contract “Development and characterization of nanostructured biomimetic surfaces as cultured substrata for osteoblasts” for young scientists exchange between Bulgaria and Germany, financed by the Ministry of Education and Science.

2. On Oct. 10th 2008 our young colleague Tonia Andreeva has successfully defended a PhD thesis in the field of Biophysics (01.06.08).



ball1.gif (7452 bytes) On Oct. 14th 2008 at 11.00 a.m. a seminar took place, on which Prof. A. N. Mishra from the Fakir Moham University, India, guest of the Institute of biophysics – BAS, read a lection entitled “Photosynthetic adaptation of plants under tropical climate”. Scientists from the Institute of biophysics and the Institute of plant physiology were presented at the seminar. Results and questions of mutual interest were discussed.



ball1.gif (7452 bytes) The Institute of biophysics congratulates the colleagues Diana Petkova and Mitko Dimitrov for their successful acquisition of the academic rank DSc. in the field of Biology, and Diana Stefanova for her successful acquisition of the academic rank Professor. The management congratulates the young colleagues Monica Hristova, PhD, and Vladimir Dimitrov for their successful acquisition of the academic rank Research associate.



ball1.gif (7452 bytes) International symposiums

X-th International Conference on Geometry, Integrability and Quantization was held on June 6-11, 2008, Varna.



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