The scientific interests of the Laboratory of Molecular Genetics of Yeast are focused on the structural and molecular mechanisms that underlie the structure and dynamics of chromatin and its organization in the nucleus. Experiments in the laboratory involve standard and state-of-the-art biochemical, biophysical and molecular biology methods for chromatin research. Additionally techniques for investigation of gene expression patterns in norm and in mutant chromatin backgrounds are generally applied with the mere intention to unravel the intricate and yet difficult to be understood epigenetic phenomena that govern normal cellular and organismal behavior.

The scientific team of the laboratory is highly specialized in Comet Assay application on a broad range of organisms and cell types. Many modifications of the method have been developed and are successfully used in the work of the laboratory.

The laboratory is also actively involved in the development and implementation of novel methods for high-resolution analysis of chromatin structure and dynamics as well as in the design of software programmes which aim at precise data analysis.

Science communication is what the laboratory is also passionate about. Regular visits at radio and TV programmes by the scientists from the lab aim at communicating science in front of broader audience. The reason for all these efforts is hidden in the constant need scientific endeavors and recent achievements to be communicated in the best possible way so the society to realize the deep meaning of scientific work.