Development of cutting-edge research programs to address significant physiological and pathophysiological mechanisms and maintenance of an active linkage between basic and clinical investigators with research programs in atherosclerosis, cardiovascular biology, osteoporosis, cancer and nanotechnology.
Medical and Biological Research Lab (MBRL) especially aims to promote translational bionanotechology research that has the potential to affect the regenerative medicine and produce targeted therapeutics. The MBRL performs research in fields that can have impacts on regenerative medicine and targeted therapeutics, such as proteomics, tissue engineering, genomics, smart drug delivery, and developing new bionanotechnologies. MBRL’s members work on developing tools for detecting and treating cancer, bone injuries, repairing the vascular system, and developing targeted diagnostic tools and therapeutics for diseases such as atherosclerosis and osteoporosis.

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1 st place students award: Dayana Dimitrova & Veronika Godeva