International Summer School
Hypercomplex Numbers, Lie Groups, and Applications

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William Hamilton
1805 - 1865

June 9th- 12th 2017  Varna (Bulgaria)


Recent decades show a definite increase in studies and applications of ideas of geometric algebras and hypercomplex numbers. E.g., the dual quaternion description nowadays is not just an exotic trend in mechanics, but has proven quite effective in technological applications such as computer graphics and virtial reality. Similarly, the bi-quaternion representation in special relativity and electrodynamics has many advantages manifested not only in theoretical explorations but also in specific practical problems in crystallography, inertial navigation. These fundamental algebraic structures are deeply related to geometry and physics (via the corresponding metrics and Lie group actions). The main scope of the summer school will be to introduce young (and not so young) scientists and graduate students to these subtle relations through a series of Lectures and to inspire studies in the field by drawing attention to some unexpected applications.

The Summer School will consist of four days of intensive lessons delivered by
  1. Eduardo Bayro-Corrochano - Geometric Algebra for Applications in Cybernetics: Image Processing, Neural Networks, Robotics and Integral Transforms

  2. Dmitry Shirokov - Introduction to the Theory of Clifford Algebras

  3. John Snygg - Differential Geometry using Clifford's Geometric Algebra

There will be also some slots (very limited) for talks of the regular participants.

The Summer School will take place in a stimulating environment, which combines a virgin natural landscape with tourist comfort and the unexpected neighbourhood of an ancient historical past. All this in a splendid part of the northern Bulgarian Black Sea coast in the vicinity of Varna.

Accommodation In the hotel Koral in Sts. Constantine and Elena (hotel Koral is listed under number 26 on the map). It is assumed that 8 June and 13 June are the arrival, respectively the departure days. Peoples interested in the regular Conference which will take place before the School at the same place, should register for it separetely.


Organizer   Ivaïlo M. Mladenov 

Scientific Secretaries   Danail Brezov and Mariana Hadzhilazova

Registration Fee  There will be a flat registration fee of €250/€300 for a double/single room accomodation. PhD students are entitled up to a 50% reductions of the above fees. Besides the room this fee covers three meals per day, refreshments and a copy of the School volume. Payment in US dollars is accepted at current exchange rates. Please notice that this fee should be paid in cash upon arrival and that no personal cheques, bank drafts or travelers cheques can be accepted.

  Please, complete and send your Registration Form. Deadline to submit registration forms and abstracts is 15th May 2017.

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