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blue_but.gif (1076 bytes)Head:    Mitko Dimitrov
Phone: +359-2-9793636
Fax:     +359-2-9712493
1942 Born September 21, Kozarevetz
1969 MS, Sofia University, Faculty of Chemistry
1977 PhD in Biology
1997 Associate Professor

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Ivailo Mladenov, Professor, PhD

Alexandra Shosheva, Research Associate

Rumiana Todorova, Research Associate

Ivailo Zlatanov, Associate Professor, PhD

Vladimir Getov, Research Associate

Mariana Hadzhilazova, PhD

Nedialka Terezova, Chemist

Georgi Toromanov, Research Associate

Venelin Chernogorov, Mathematician

Ognyan Apostolov, Biologist

Petranka Borisova, Specialist

Kliment Mladenov , Physicist

Former Members

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        Plastocyanin a (left and plastocyanin b (right) crystals

blue_but.gif (1076 bytes) Research Topics
  1. Study of the electron-transport in photosynthesis. Bio-diversity of plastocyanins and analysis of newlly isolated protein components.
  2. Electron-transfer proteins and their interactions with bio-membranes using artificial lipid nano-particles.
  3. Mathematical modelling of membrane geometry explicit solutions describing various shapes in space.

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blue_but.gif (1076 bytes) Experimental Methods

  1. Preparative methods for isolation and purification of photosynthehic proteins.
  2. Electrophoresis:
    • One-dimensional electrophoresis in polyacrilamide gels (PAGE)
    • Two-dimensional electrophoresis and proteomix
    • Iso-electric focussing
  3. Liquid Chromatography
  4. Conventional spectrometry
  5. Fluorescent spectroscopy
  6. Microscopy, Bruster and Langmuir
  7. Image analysis
  8. Mathematical modelling

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