by Petar Haralampiev Lambrev





Ph.D. thesis


Application of prompt and delayed chlorophyll fluorescence for analysis of the action of photosynthetic herbicides in intact leaves and thylakoid membranes of pea


"St. Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia", Faculty of Biology, Department of Biophysics and Radiobiology


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vassilij Goltsev


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Online presentation: Delayed Fluorescence as a Screening Tool



Kocheva, K. V., Busheva, M. C., Georgiev, G. I., Lambrev, P. H., Goltsev, V. N. (2004) Influence of short term osmotic stress on the photosynthetic activity of barley seedlings. Biol. Plant. (in press)


Parvanova, D., Popova, A., Zaharieva, I., Lambrev, P., Konstantinova, T., Taneva, S.,  Atanassov, A., Goltsev, V., Djilianov, D. (2004) Low temperature tolerance of tobacco plants transformed to accumulate proline, fructans or glycine betaine. Variable fluorescence evidences. Photosynthetica 42: 179-185

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Kocheva, K., Lambrev, P., Georgiev, G., Goltsev, V., Karabaliev, M. (2004) Evaluation of chlorophyll fluorescence and membrane injury in the leaves of barley cultivars under osmotic stress. Bioelectrochem. 63: 121-124

Full text (PDF)

Goltsev, V., Zaharieva, I., Lambrev, P., Yordanov, I., Strasser, R. J. (2003) Simultaneous analysis of prompt and delayed chlorophyll a fluorescence in leaves during the induction period of dark to light adaptation. J. Theor. Biol. 225: 171-183

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Lambrev, P., Ivanov, S., Goltsev, V. (2003) Effects of prolonged action of sub-herbicide concentrations of atrazine on the photosynthetic function of pea plants. Compt. Rendu. Acad. Bulg. Sci. 56: 59-62

Full text (PDF)

Goltsev, V., Yordanov, I., Stefanov, D., Zaharieva, I., Lambrev, P., Strasser, R. J. (2001) Simultaneous analysis of variable and delayed chlorophyll fluorescence during induction period in photosynthetic apparatus. In: Proceedings of the 12th International Congress of Photosynthesis, CSIRO Publishing, Melbourne

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Lambrev, P., Goltsev, V. (2001) pH dependence of the effects of diuron, atrazine and dinoseb on the luminescent properties of thylakoid membranes. Bulg. J. Plant Physiol. 27: 85-100

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Lambrev, P., Goltsev, V. (1999) Temperature affects herbicide-sensitivity of pea plants. Bulg. J. Plant Physiol. 25: 54-66

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Selected posters


Lambrev, P., Goltsev, V., Strasser, R.J. Prompt and delayed chlorophyll fluorescence of intact leaves in the presence of photosynthetic herbicides. 13th Balkan Biochemical Biophysical Days, Oct 2003, Kusadasi, Turkey

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Lambrev, P., Goltsev, V. Activity of photosynthetic herbicides in intact pea leaves measured by prompt and delayed chlorophyll fluorescence. ESSA Meeting, Sep 2002, Varna, Bulgaria

Poster (PDF)

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