by Petar Haralampiev Lambrev






Developed within the scope of my Ph.D. thesis, Indwin is a program that automates the analysis of chlorophyll fluorescence data obtained with the FL-2006 apparatus. It is a 32-bit Windows application, written in MS Visual BASIC 5 environment.


  • Reads binary files created by FL-2006 and converts them to ASCII format.
  • Normalizes the fluorescence amplitudes according to the gain factor used and smoothes the data by adjacent averaging in multiple intervals.
  • Uses a custom-built graphics routine to display the data (induction curves of prompt and delayed fluorescence) on screen. Allows switching of linear or logarithmic timescale and zooming.
  • Automatic or aided manual recognition of fluorescence maxima.
  • Calculates numerous fluorescence parameters, e.g. Fv/Fp, Fp/Fs, (I4-D2)/D2.
  • Exports a table of the calculated parameters for all processed curves.
  • Batch-mode processing of multiple data files.
  • Automatically averages the induction curves and parameters for each experimental group within a selected folder.


  • IndwinSetup.exe
    560 KB self-extracting archive. Includes the program files and sample data files. Requires the Visual BASIC 5 run-time library, MSVBM50.DLL.

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