General and Applied Plant Physiology

Volume XXXII, No 1-2, 2006

Special Issue

Proceedings of the International Workshop
'Sustainability, Stress and the Bases of Plant Resistance'


08 September 2006
Sofia, Bulgaria

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B. Janczura, J. Ahern and A. C. Cassells - Integrating biological strategies to control disease in intensive agriculture


U. Feller - Stomatal opening at elevated temperature: an underestimated regulatory mechanism?


S. Mapelli, M. Shorina, I. Brambilla1 and V. Kuznetsov - Biochemical and physiological events following exposure to UV-B radiation in ice plants


A. Krantev, R. Yordanova, L. Popova - Salicylic acid decreases Cd toxicity in maize plants


T. Toncheva-Panova, M. Merakchiyska, R. Djingova, J. Ivanova, M. Sholeva, S. Paunova - Effect of Cu2+ on the red microalga Rhodella reticulata


I. Stancheva, M. Geneva, G. Zehirov, G. Tsvetkova, M. Hristozkova, G. Georgiev - Effects of combined inoculation of pea plants with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and Rhizobium on nodule formation and nitrogen fixing activity


G. Tsvetkova, T. Teofilova, G. I. Georgiev - Effect of naringenin and quercetin on activity of NodABC genes of strain D293 and following nodulation and nitrogen fixation response of inoculated pea plants (Pisum sativum L.)


M. Hristozkova, M. Geneva, I. Stancheva - Response of inoculated pea plants (Pisum sativum L.) to root and foliar fertilizer application with reduced molybdenum concentration


V. Nenova - Effect of iron supply on growth and photosystem II efficiency of pea


L. Simova-Stoilova, V. Vassileva, T. Petrova, N. Tsenov, K. Demirevska, U. Feller - Proteolytic activity in wheat leaves during drought stress and recovery


P. Apostolova, I. Yaneva - Antioxidative defence in winter wheat plants during early cold acclimation


R. Zidarova and I. Pouneva - Physiological and biochemical characterization of antarctic isolate Choricystis minor during oxidative stress at different temperatures and light intensities


I. Iliev, G. Petkov, S. Furnadzhieva, R. Andreeva, J. Lukavsky - Membrane metabolites of Arthronema africanum strains from extreme habitats


A. Ivanova, J. Nechev, K. Stefanov - Effect of soil salinity on the lipid composition of halophyte plants from the sand bar of Pomorie


I. Vaseva, D. Todorova, J. Malbeck, A. Trávníèková, I. Machackova, E. Karanov - Two pea varieties differ in cytokinin oxidase/dehydrogenase response to UV-B irradiation

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