Bulgarian Journal of Plant Physiology


Volume XXVII, No 3-4, 2001

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Ivelina Zaharieva, Stefka G. Taneva, Vassilij Goltsev - Effect of temperature on the luminescent characteristics in leaves of Arabidopsis mutants with decreased unsaturation of the membrane lipids.


Ivan Yordanov, Tsonko Tsonev, Violeta Velikova, Katya Georgieva, Peter Ivanov, Nikolai Tsenov, Tatyana Petrova - Changes in CO2 assimilation, transpiration and stomatal resistance of different wheat cultivars experiencing drought under field conditions.


Halil Kirnak, Cengiz Kaya, Ismail Tas and David Higgs - The influence of water deficit on vegetative growth, physiology, fruit yield and quality in eggplants.


Cengiz Kaya, David Higgs and Halil Kirnak - The effects of high salinity (NaCl) and supplementary phosphorus and potassium on physiology and nutrition development of spinach.


Petranka Yonova and Ekaterina Zozikova - Comparative analysis of some biochemical and enzymatic changes in senescing barley leaves by using 1,1'-polymethylenebis (3-aryl-substituted) thioureas.


Kalina Ananieva, Evgueni D. - Effect of methylphenylsulfonyl fluoride – an inhibitor of proteases, on the growth and polypeptide profile of excised cotyledons of Cucurbita pepo L. (zucchini) after treatment with benzyladenine.


Nete Aydin and Asým Kadioglu - Changes in the Chemical Composition, Polyphenol Oxidase and Peroxidase Activities during Development and Ripening of Medlar Fruits (Mespilus germanica L.).


Nadejda Babalakova, Daniela Traykova - Copper-induced cupric- and ferric-chelate reduction by intact barley roots.


Brief Communication
Natalia V. Pystina, Roman A. Danilov - Experimental data from three native representatives of natural communities in north-east Russia: Does the activity of the alternative respiratory pathway in leaves depend on the carbohydrate status?

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