— CONTENTS OF VOLUME 49 (2018) pp. 1-106—
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          SJR (2017) = 0.195,     SNIP (2017) = 1.101



Research Articles

  • The Solution to the Three-Body Problem and Some Applications
    [Abstract][Full Text - DjVu] doi:10.7546/jgsp-49-2018-1-61
    Ramon González Calvet

  • Conformal Changes of Odd-Dimensional Generalized Structures
    [Abstract] doi:10.7546/jgsp-49-2018-63-76
    Fereshteh Malek and Niloufar H. Kashani

Book Review

  • Jean-François Ganghoffer (Reviewer)
    The Mechanics and Mathematics of Biological Growth 
    by Alain Goriely



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