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Research Articles

  • Unsteady Roto-Translational Viscous Flow: Analytical Solution to Navier-Stokes Equations in Cylindrical Geometry
    [Abstract][Full Text - DjVu] doi:10.7546/jgsp-48-2018-1-21
    Alessio Bocci, Giovanni Mingari Scarpello and Daniele Ritelli

  • Centralizer of Reeb Vector Field in Contact Lie Groups
    [Abstract] doi:10.7546/jgsp-48-2018-23-31
    Babak Hassanzadeh

  • An Examination of Perpendicular Intersections of BFRS and MFRS in \(E^3\)
    [Abstract] doi:10.7546/jgsp-48-2018-33-45
    Şeyda Kılıçoğlu and Süleyman Şenyurt

  • Symmetry Groups of Systems of Entangled Particles
    [Abstract] doi:10.7546/jgsp-48-2018-47-77
    Abraham A. Ungar


  • Deformation Quantization in the Teaching of Lie Group Representations
    [Abstract] doi:10.7546/jgsp-48-2018-79-100
    Alexander J. Balsomo and Job A. Nable


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