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The Institute of Biophysics of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences is a leading research institute in the fields of biophysics, biochemistry, cellular biology, motor control and muscle electrophysiology. Main topics of research include the molecular structure, metabolism and functions of biological membranes, excitable and photoexcitable membranes, ion channels, biopotentials and extracellular electric fields, conformation and function of proteins. The basic research is closely associated with various biomedical problems such as material biocompatibility, disorders in the motor control and lung surfactant systems, pharmacological methods, etc. The institute scientific production typically amounts to about 50 papers in refereed journals per year. Many of these papers are result of international collaboration. Large number of graduate and undergraduate students have completed their education at the Institute of Biophysics, and staff scientists are engaged with teaching at the Sofia Unversity and other universities. The Institute is financed from the budget of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The scientific research is supported by grants from the Bulgarian National Science Fund as well as from international research grants and international collaboration.


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The Institute is administrated by Director, Deputy-Directors and Scientific Secretary and its scientific policies are elaborated by a Scientific Council. It comprises six research departments: "Lipid-Protein Interactions", "Excitable Structures", "Photoexcitable Membranes", "Protein Biophysics", "Electroinduced Effects in Biomembranes", "Physical Chemistry of Biosurfaces". The institute staff of 90 includes 6 professors, 16 associate professors and about 40 PhD research associates.


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The Central Laboratory of Biophysics of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences was founded in 1967. In 1994 it was transformed into Institute of Biophysics. Significant reorganizations of its research profile took place in 1976 and 1982. Following its first Director, Prof. Georgi Dechev, the Institute of Biophysics has been headed by Prof. Georgi Georgiev, Prof. Alexander Gydikov, Acad. Kamen Koumanov, Acad. Boris Tenchov and Prof. Kiril Boev. The institute served as coordination center for several national and international programs in the field of biophysics as well as for the membership of Bulgaria in IUPAB.


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