19.. Born Sofia
19.. Diploma in Plant Biochemistry, Faculty of Biology, University of Sofia
19.. PhD in Biology, Institute of Plant Physiology
19.. Assistant Professor, Institute of Plant Physiology
19.. Associate Professor, Institute of Plant Physiology
19.. Deputy Head of the Department of Biochemistry of Photosynthesis
19.. Head of the Department of Biochemistry of Photosynthesis
19.. DrSc in Plant Biochemistry
19.. Professor, Institute of Plant Physiology
19.. Head of the Department of Photosynthesis
Phone: +359-2-9792636;
E-mail: lili@bio21.bas.bg

Department Photosynthesis

Head: Professor Liliana Maslenkova, DrSc

Main research topics

The investigations in the department of Photosynthesis are focused on the following main directions: 1. Reactions of the photosynthetic apparatus to abiotic stress: drought, low and high temperatures, heavy metals, low soil pH; 2. Fast and precise noninvazive methods for early diagnostics of stress injuries; 3. Protective role of biologically active substances and stress-signal function of salicylic acid, isoprene and molybdenum; 4. Photosynthesis and senescence.
The members of the department of Photosynthesis take part as leaders in implementation of 6 projects with the National Science Fund of Bulgaria, 3 international projects funded by NATO, 1 EC project, 6 bilateral projects and 2 BAS projects.

Research projects


The staff of the department consists of 1 Professor, DrSc; 5 Associate Professors; 9 Assisttant Professors; 10 Researchers; 1 PhD Student.

To contact particular colleague please dial +359-2-979- followed by the extension number given below:

Name, Title
Contact Phone
Lilyana Maslenkova, Professor, DrSc

Tsonko Tsonev, Professor, PhD

Katya Georgieva, Associate Professor, PhD
Violeta Velikova, Associate Professor, PhD
Albena Ivanova, Associate Professor, PhD
Galya Lazova, Assistant Professor, PhD
Kalina Ananieva, Associate Professor, PhD
Irena Grigorova, Assistant Professor, PhD
Rusina Yordanova-Zlatanova, Assistant Professor, PhD
Gergana Stoilkova, Assistant Professor, PhD
Petar Stroumin, Assistant Professor
Gergana Mihailova, PhD Student
Violeta Peeva, Assistant Professor
Velichka Baydanova, Researcher
Snezhana Petkova, Researcher
Denitsa Ignatova, Researcher

Selected Publications

Ananieva K.
, Ananiev E.D., Mishev K., Georgieva K., Tzvetkova N., Van Staden J. (2008) - Changes in photosynthetic capacity and polypeptide patterns during natural senescence and rejuvenation of Cucurbita pepo L. (zucchini) cotyledons. Plant Growth Regulation 54 (1): 23-29.
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Lazova G.N., Stemler A.J. (2008) - Participation of a stromal carbonic anhydrase and Rubisco in a thylakoid-associated multienzyme complex isolated from soybean and poplar. Comptes Rendus de L’Academie Bulgare des Sciences 61 (5): 621-626.
Popova L., Maslenkova L., Yordanova R., Ivanova A., Krantev A., Szalai G., Janda T., (2008) - Exogenous treatment with salicylic acid attenuates cadmium toxicity in pea seedlings. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry (in press).
Stefanov D., Popatanasova D., Christov C. (2008) - Response of photosynthesis in cherry leaves after wounding and treatment with methylester of jasmonic acid. Comptes Rendus de L’Academie Bulgare des Sciences 61 (6): 747-752.
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Ananieva K., Ananiev E.D., Mishev K., Georgieva K., Malbeck J., Kaminek M., Van Staden J. (2007) - Methyl jasmonate is a more effective senescence-promoting factor in Culcurbita pepo (zucchini) cotyledons when compared with darkness at the early stage of senescence. Journal of Plant Physiology 164 (9): 1179-1187.
Christov I.
, Stefanov D., Velinov T., Goltsev V., Georgieva K., Abracheva P., Genova Y., Christov N. (2007) - The symptomless leaf infection with grapevine leafroll associated virus 3 in grown in vitro plants as a simple model system for investigation of viral effects on photosynthesis. Journal Of Plant Physiology 164 (9): 1124-1133.
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