— Similarity and Symmetry Methods —
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  • Some Recent Developments in Finding Systematically Conservation Laws and Nonlocal Symmetries for Partial Differential Equations
    [Abstract][ZB Review]
    George Bluman and Zhengzheng Yang

  • Construction of Conservation Laws Using Symmetries
    [Abstract][ZB Review]
    Nail H. Ibragimov

  • Symbolic Computation Of Nonlocal Symmetries And Nonlocal Conservation Laws Of Partial Differential Equations Using The Gem Package For Maple
    [Abstract][ZB Review]
    Alexei F. Cheviakov

  • Symmetries of Hamiltonian Systems on Symplectic and Poisson
    [Abstract][ZB Review]
    Charles-Michel Marle

  • Symmetries in Mechanics: From Field Theories to Master Responses in the Constitutive Modeling of Materials
    [Abstract][ZB Review]
    Jean-Francois Ganghoffer

  • Symmetries and Some Special Solutions of the Helfrich Model
    [Abstract][ZB Review][Full Text - DjVu]
    Vladimir I. Pulov, Mariana Ts. Hadzhilazova and Ivaïlo M. Mladenov

  • Lie Group Analysis of the Willmore and Membrane Shape Equations
    [Abstract][ZB Review][Full Text - DjVu]
    Vassil M. Vassilev, Petar A. Djondjorov and Ivaïlo M. Mladenov


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