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  • Clifford Algebras and Their Applications to Lie Groups and Spinors
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review] doi:10.7546/giq-19-2018-11-53
    Dmitry Shirokov

  • On Charge Conservation in a Gravitational Field
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review] doi:10.7546/giq-19-2018-57-65
    Mayeul Arminjon

  • On Hyper Generalized Weakly Symmetric Manifolds
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review] doi:10.7546/giq-19-2018-66-74
    Kanak K. Baishya, Füsun Zengin and Josef Mikeš

  • Kauffman Bracket on Rational Tangles and Rational Knots
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review] doi:10.7546/giq-19-2018-75-90
    Khaled Bataineh

  • Projective Bivector Parametrization of Isometries in Low Dimensions
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review] doi:10.7546/giq-19-2018-91-104
    Danail S. Brezov

  • The Elasticity of Quantum Spacetime Fabric
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review] doi:10.7546/giq-19-2018-105-114
    Viorel Laurentiu Cartas

  • On Holomorphically Projective Mappings of Equidistant Parabolic Kähler Spaces
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review] doi:10.7546/giq-19-2018-115-121
    Hana Chudá, Josef Mikeš, Patrik Peška and Mohsen Shiha

  • Quantization of Locally Symmetric Kähler Manifolds
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review] doi:10.7546/giq-19-2018-122-131
    Kentaro Hara and Akifumi Sako
  • On Conformal Mappings Onto Compact Einstein Manifolds
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review] doi:10.7546/giq-19-2018-132-139
    Irena Hinterleitner, Nadezda Guseva and Josef Mikeš
  • Construction of Symplectic-Haantjes Manifold of Certain Hamiltonian Systems
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review] doi:10.7546/giq-19-2018-140-147
    Kiyonori Hosokawa, Tsukasa Takeuchi and Akira Yoshioka

  • Alternative Description of Rigid Body Kinematics and Quantum Mechanical Angular Momenta
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review][Full Text - DjVu] doi:10.7546/giq-19-2018-148-158
    Clementina D. Mladenova, Danail S. Brezov and Ivaïlo M. Mladenov

  • Geometric Aspects of Multiple Fourier Series Convergence on the System of Correctly Counted Sets
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review] doi:10.7546/giq-19-2018-159-167
    Viktor Olevskyi and Yuliia Olevska

  • On a Class of Linear Weingarten Surfaces
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review][Full Text - DjVu] doi:10.7546/giq-19-2018-168-187
    Vladimir I. Pulov, Mariana Ts. Hadzhilazova and Ivaïlo M. Mladenov

  • Bifurcation of Closed Geodesics
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review] doi:10.7546/giq-19-2018-188-192
    Lenka Rýparová and Josef Mikeš

  • Mathematical Models of Classical Electrodynamics
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review] doi:10.7546/giq-19-2018-193-203
    Sava Savov

  • Evidence of a \({\bf {6.12 \times 10^{18}}}\) GeV Particle: Detection and Mathematics
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review] doi:10.7546/giq-19-2018-204-224
    Paul T. Smith

  • Fisher Metric for Diagonalizable Quadratic Hamiltonians and Application to Phase Transitions
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review] doi:10.7546/giq-19-2018-225-233
    Tsvetan Vetsov and Radoslav Rashkov

  • Star Product, Star Exponential and Applications
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review] doi:10.7546/giq-19-2018-234-249
    Akira Yoshioka

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