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  • Symmetry, Geometry and Quantization with Hypercomplex Numbers
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review] doi:10.7546/giq-18-2017-11-76
    Vladimir V. Kisil

  • Symmetry, Phases and Quantisation
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review] doi:10.7546/giq-18-2017-77-96
    Siye Wu

  • Geodesic Mappings of Spaces with Affine Connection Onto Symmetric Manifolds
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review] doi:10.7546/giq-18-2017-99-104
    Volodymyr Berezovskii, Josef Mikeš and Patrik Peška

  • Generalized Euler Angles Viewed as Spherical Coordinates
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review] doi:10.7546/giq-18-2017-105-116
    Danail S. Brezov, Clementina D. Mladenova and Ivaïlo M. Mladenov

  • Complex and Real Hypersurfaces of Locally Conformal Kähler Manifolds
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review] doi:10.7546/giq-18-2017-117-129
    Yevhen Cherevko and Olena Chepurna

  • Rotary Diffeomorphism onto Manifolds with Affine Connection
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review] doi:10.7546/giq-18-2017-130-137
    Hana Chudá, Josef Mikeš and Martin Sochor

  • Local and Non-Local Conservation Laws for Constrained Lagrangians and Applications to Cosmology
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review] doi:10.7546/giq-18-2017-138-149
    Nikolaos Dimakis

  • Cayley Map and Higher Dimensional Representations of Rotations
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review][Full Text - DjVu] doi:10.7546/giq-18-2017-150-182
    Veliko D. Donchev, Clementina D. Mladenova and Ivaïlo M. Mladenov
  • Geodesic Mappings Onto Riemannian Manifolds and Differentiability
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review] doi:10.7546/giq-18-2017-183-190
    Irena Hinterleitner and Josef Mikeš
  • Semi-Discrete Constant Mean Curvature Surfaces of Revolution in Minkowski Space
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review] doi:10.7546/giq-18-2017-191-202
    Christian Müller and Masashi Yasumoto

  • Trajectories of the Plate-Ball Problem
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review][Full Text - DjVu] doi:10.7546/giq-18-2017-203-216
    Vladimir I.Pulov, Mariana Ts. Hadzhilazova and Ivaïlo M. Mladenov

  • On Geodesic Bifurcations
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review] doi:10.7546/giq-18-2017-217-224
    Lenka Rýparová and Josef Mikeš

  • Deformation Quantization of Kähler Manifolds and Their Twisted Fock Representation
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review] doi:10.7546/giq-18-2017-225-240
    Akifumi Sako and Hiroshi Umetsu

  • On Auto and Hetero Bäcklund Transformations for the Hénon-Heiles Systems
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review] doi:10.7546/giq-18-2017-241-251
    Andrey V. Tsiganov and Alexey P. Sozonov

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