GPP 5(2) 2015

Genetics and Plant Physiology
Volume 5, No 2, 2015
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Alexandrov S., I. Iliev, G. Gacheva, A. Krоumov, P. Pilarski, G. Petkov
Could algae be a real source of fuel?
584 kB
Todorova D., Z. Katerova, V. Alexieva, I. Sergiev
Polyamines – possibilities for application to increase plant tolerance and adaptation capacity to stress
595 kB
Adjaloo M. K., A. A. Ankomah, K. Yeboah-Gyan, B. M. Dzomeku
Nectar production dynamics in two melliferous plant species
145-161 PDF
1180 kB
Iliev I., G. Petkov, J. Lukavský
An approach to bioremediation of mineral oil polluted soil
162-169 PDF
473 kB
El-Gohary A. E., A. G. El Gendy, S. F. Hendawy, S. E. El-Sherbeny, M. S. Hussein, M. Geneva
Herbage yield, essential oil content and composition of summer savory (Satureja hortensis L.) as affected by sowing date and foliar nutrition
170-178 PDF
814 kB
Ivanova T., D. Dimitrova, Ch. Gussev, Yu. Bosseva, T. Stoeva
Sucroce-related effects on shoot development and double-phase cultivation of Ruscus aculeatus L.
179-187 PDF
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Edreva A.
The triumph of Lysenkoism in Bulgaria: The Biological Conference (Sofia, 4-8 April, 1949)
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