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The Institute of Plant Physiology and Genetics implements fundamental and applied research in the field of plant physiology, biochemistry and genetics, with a key significance in working out the current problems of modern society, the most important of which is feeding a growing population under conditions of unfavorable climate changes. The priorities in scientific activities are directed to the study of basic life processes in plants and the functional organization of eukaryotic genome under normal and stress environmental conditions. Especially significant is the share of studies on examination and enrichment of plant genetic recourses, preserving of biodiversity and improvement of the sort composition of economically important plant species. Investigations in the field of medical biology, focused to the study of the genetic nature of socially significant human diseases, are also conducted.

Our efforts are directed towards establishing of an appropriate balance between fundamental and applied research, and achieving optimal financial retrieval of scientific studies by encouraging practically oriented investigations attended to a broad network of partnerships involving both the private business sector and the national and international scientific teams.

Main research topics

  • Establishment of new plant species for plant-growing branch, food and pharmaceutical industry, public health and environmental protection
  • Investigations on physiological and biochemical mechanisms of regulation of plant metabolism and defense mechanisms in plants, contributing to overcoming of unfavorable environmental influences and to improving of plant resistance
  • Studies on organization and functioning mechanisms of hereditary structures for characterizing and enriching the genetic resources and their utilization for improvement of economically important plant species
  • The main priorities in the research field of the Institute are in accordance with the aims and issues of the Programs “Competitiveness of Bulgarian economics and scientific innovation capacity”, “Quality and competitive teaching”, “Quality of life and interdisciplinary studies on human and life nature”

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