Notice to Contributors

Two English hard copies of the manuscript and a CD should be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief :

Dr. Evgueni Ananiev, Editor-in-chief,
Institute of Plant Physiology and Genetics,
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Acad. G. Bonchev Street, Bl. 21, 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria

All correspondence should be addressed to the Journal’s e-mail:

Electronic submission is also acceptable as an e-mail attachment.

Instructions for Authors

Word for Windows should be used.

Manuscripts will be reviewed by members of the Editorial Board and by an expert familiar with the research. Manuscripts are published in the chronological order in which they are accepted for publication, generally 4 to 6 months after the date of acceptance.

Preparing Manuscripts:
Original papersshould not exceed 12 double spaced typewritten pages (font 12), including figures, tables, and references. Pages in excess will be charged 12 Euro per additional typed page.

The maximum length of Brief communicationsis 4 double spaced typewritten pages including title, abstract, one table and one figure, two tables or two figures.

Arrangement of the manuscript:

  • Page 1: Title of the article (it should be brief and devoid of abbreviations), name(s) of the author(s), authors’ institution(s), address(es), e-mail of corresponding author and running title.
  • Page 2: Abstract – up to 20 typed lines; Key words – up to six characterizing the scope of the paper in alphabetical order; Abbreviation list – in alphabetical order, separated by ‘;’.
  • Following pages: Introduction; Materials and Methods; Results; Discussion; Acknowledgements; References (directly connected to the problem discussed); Tables; Legends of figures; Figures.

Text: Styling should be concise and objective; a paper may be rejected due to lack of clarity or bad English. Correct language is the responsibility of the authors. Methods should be described shortly but precisely enough to permit replication. The position of Tables and Figures should be indicated in pencil at the margin.

Units, dimension, symbols, abbreviations: SI should be used. For example: Net photosynthetic rate: mg(CO2)m-2s-1. Enzymes should be given with the EC-number when first mentioned.
All pages should me paginated with line numbering throughout the manuscript.

Citation in the text: Give name(s) of the Author(s), followed by year of publication. Where there are more than two authors name only the first, followed by et al.
References should be listed alphabetically according to the examples bellow.

  • Articles from journals and other serial publications (e.g. Annual Reviews): Zhao Y, D Aspinal, L Paleg, 1992. Protection of membrane integrity in Medicago sativa L. by glycinebetaine against the effect of freezing. J Plant Physiol, 140: 541-543.
  • Articles from non-serial collective publications (symposia, monographs, encyclopedias etc): Horton P, G Noctor, D Rees, 1990. Regulation of light harvesting and electron transport in photosystem II. In: Plant Biology, vol. 10. Perspectives in Biochemical and Genetic Regulation of Photosynthesis, Ed. I. Zelitch, Wiley-Liss, 145-158.
  • Books: Pilet P, 1985. The Physiological Properties of Plant Protoplasts. Springer, Berlin – Heidelberg – New York.

Title of articles written in languages other than English, French or German, should be given only in English translation, for example:
Petkov I, D Petrov, M Velizarov, 1991. Response of photosynthetic apparatus to water stress. Bulg J Plant Physiol, 19(1): 35-43 (In Bulg.).

Tables (numbered and with a heading) and figure legends should be typed (or submitted electronically) on separate sheet of paper (or separate file), and should be self-explanatory without reference to text.

Figures should be submitted electronically as separate files (do not include Figures in the text file) in Tiff (resolution – min 300 dpi) or high quality JPEG format. Color plates are charged 20 Euro per plate.

Papers beyond the scope or that do not follow the format of the Journal will be returned to the authors without being reviewed. Failure to follow the normal scientific standards or lack of readability may also lead to rejection of the manuscript.

Upon acceptance corresponding authors will receive a free PDF offprint by e-mail.

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