“EXPERIMENTAL ALGOLOGY” – Scientific Achievements

  • The physiological and technological parameters for mass production of microalgae (Branch Standard: 4075950-83) as well as their processing to an aqueous extract (Branch Standard: 0278792-85), alcoholic extract (Branch Standard: 02811448-88) and protein hydrolyzate (Industry Standard: 0278793-85) have been established. These main products are used in pharmacology and medicine in various commercial products.
  • Methods for purifying C-phycocyanin and β-phycoerythrin have been developed. Pure phycoerythrin was used as a fluorescence marker in immunodiagnosis.
  • A technology for cultivating microalgae with atmospheric air supply was developed instead of traditional 2% CO2 cultivation. This technology enables the reduction of residual carbon emissions from algae growing and is cost-effective.
  • Products from green and red microalgae show anti-tumor and antibacterial action.
  • A contribution to the chemotaxonomy of cyanobacteria and green algae of genus Chlorella has been obtained by examining the composition of fatty acids.
  • A technique for cultivating algae with mechanical stirring and periodic CO2 addition was developed. This technology reduces the possibility of infecting cultures with undesirable algal species.
  • A collection of characterized microalgae strains with potential for industrial production of biomass and products thereof is maintained, most of which are isolated from Bulgaria.

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