Konstantina Kocheva

Associate Professor Konstantina Kocheva, PhD

Building 25
Office 321, Lab 320
Phone: +359 2 979 3674
Е-mail: konstvk@abv.bg

Major Fields of Scientific Research

Mineral nutrition and water relations, metabolic changes under water stress, osmotic adjustment, cell membrane stability, nitrogen use efficiency.


  • 2006 – PhD in Plant Physiology
  • 1999 – MSC in Cell Biology, Sofia University, Faculty of Biology

Academic positions

  • 2016 – Continuing – Associate Professor, Institute of Plant Physiology and Genetics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
  • 2006-2015 – Assistant Professor, Acad. M. Popov Institute of Plant Physiology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Participation in Recent Projects

  • 1. Genome wide association study of grain yield, grain protein content and grain nitrogen concentration in Bulgarian bread wheat germplasm – Grant KP-06-N31/17 (Bulgarian NSF).
  • 2. Evaluation of drought stress response based on the investigation of the relationship between photosynthesis and nitrogen metabolism of modern Bulgarian and Slovak bread wheat varieties – bilateral project with Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra – Grant DNTS/Slovakia-01/4 (Bulgarian NSF).

Publication activity

Scientific publications – 44, including 19 in Journals with IF – 19, total IF – 25.

Selected publications

Brestic M, Zivcak M, Hauptvogel P, Misheva S, Kocheva K, Yang X, Li X, Allakhverdiev SI (2018) Wheat plant selection for high yields entailed improvement of leaf anatomical and biochemical traits including tolerance to non-optimal temperature conditions, Photosynthеsis Research 136: 245-255.

Mihailova G, Kocheva K, Goltsev V, Kalaji HM, Georgieva K (2018) Application of a diffusion model to measure ion leakage of resurrection plant leaves undergoing desiccation, Plant Physiology and Biochemistry: 185-192.

Kocheva KV, Georgiev GI, Kochev VK, Olšovská K, Brestič M (2015) Application of impedance spectroscopy and conductometry for assessment of varietal differences in heat, Cereal Research Communications, 43(4): 579-590.

Kocheva KV, Landjeva SP, Georgiev GI (2014) Variation in ion leakage parameters of two wheat genotypes with different Rht-B1 alleles in response to drought, Journal of Biosciences 39 (5): 753-759.

Kocheva K, Nenova V, Karceva T, Petrov P, Georgiev GI, Borner A, Landjeva S (2014) Changes in water status, membrane stability and antioxidant capacity of wheat seedlings carrying different Rht-B1 dwarfing alleles under drought stress, Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science, 200(2): 83-91.

Kocheva KV, Georgiev GI, Kochev VK (2014) An improvement of the diffusion model for assessment of drought stress in plant tissues, Physiologia Plantarum, 150(1): 88-94.
Chipilski RR, Kocheva KV, Nenova VR, Georgiev GI (2012) Physiological responses of two wheat cultivars to soil drought. Z Naturforsch C 67:181-186.

Landjeva S, Kocheva K, Karceva T, Sepsi A, Molnár I, Schneider A (2012) Molecular cytogenetic identification of a wheat-Aegilops geniculata Roth spontaneous chromosome substitution and its effects on the growth and physiological responses of seedlings to osmotic stress. Plant Breeding 131(1): 81-7.

Kocheva KV, Georgiev GI, Kochev VK (2005) A diffusion approach to the electrolyte leakage from plant tissues, Physiologia Plantarum, 125(1): 1-9.

Kocheva K, Lambrev P, Georgiev G, Goltsev V, Karabaliev M (2004) Evaluation of chlorophyll fluorescence and membrane injury in the leaves of barley cultivars under osmotic stress, Bioelectrochemistry, 63: 121-124.

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