Tanya Kartseva

Assistant Professor Tanay Kartseva, PhD

Building 25, Lab 320
Тел.: +3592 9793674
Е-mail: tania_karceva@abv.bg

Academic qualifications

PhD in Genetics – Institute of Plant Physiology and Genetics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria – 2014

Publication activity

Publications – 26. Articles with IF – 11 (Overall IF 13.519)
Citations – 86

Current projects

  • Genome wide association study of grain yield, grain protein content and grain nitrogen concentration in Bulgarian bread wheat germplasm – Grant KP-06-N31/17 (Bulgarian NSF) (principal investigator).
  • Evaluation of drought stress response based on the investigation of the relationship between photosynthesis and nitrogen metabolism of modern Bulgarian and Slovak bread wheat varieties – bilateral project with Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra – Grant DNTS/Slovakia-01/4 (Bulgarian NSF) (principal investigator).

Selected publications

Shtereva L.A., Atanassova B., Karcheva T., Petkov V. (2008) The effect of water stress on the growth rate, water relations and proline accumulation in tomato calli and seedlings. Acta Horticulturae, 789: 189-198.

Kartseva T., Balacheva E., Atanassova B., Molle E. (2009) Effect of anthocyaninless mutants genes on the content of compounds related to nutritive quality in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) fruits. Acta horticulture, 830: 285-289.

Kocheva K.V., Kartseva Т., Landjeva S., Georgiev G. (2009) Physiological response of wheat seedlings to mild and severe osmotic stress. Cereal Research Communications, 37 (2): 199-208.

Kocheva K.,Kartseva T., Landjeva S., Georgiev G. (2009) Parameters of cell membrane stability and levels of oxidative stress in leaves of wheat seedlings treated with PEG 6000. General and Applied Plant Physiology, 35 (3-4): 127-133.

Karceva T., Landjeva S., Börner A. (2012) Effects of wheat Rht-B1b, Rht-B1c and Rht-D1b genes on plant height and yield potential under the climatic conditions of Bulgaria. European Cereals Genetics Co-operative Newsletter, 133-137.

Balacheva E.,Kartzeva T., Atanassova B., Tomlekova N. (2012) The diversity in tomato colours- Potential for diversity in tomato nutritive quality. Acta Horticulturae, 960: 31-35. ISBN:978-90-66055-85-8, ISSN:0567-7572

Landjeva S., Kocheva K., Nenova V., Sepsi A., Molnár I., Schneider A., Karceva T., Ganeva G., Georgiev G., Molnár-Láng M. (2012) Aegilops geniculata chromosome introgressions into bread wheat and their effects on plant physiological responses to abiotic stress. A. Börner and B. Kobijlski (Eds.) Proc. 15th International EWAC Conference, 7-11 Nov 2011, European Cereals Genetics Co-operative Newsletter, 35-41.

Kartzeva T., Balacheva E., Atanassova B., Molle E. (2012) Effect of three anthocyaninless genes on germination ability of the brown seed (bs) mutant in tomato. Seed Science and Technology, 40 (2): 177-184.

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Landjeva S., Karceva T., Korzun V., Ganeva G. (2012) Seedling growth under osmotic stress and agronomic traits in Bulgarian semi-dwarf wheat – comparison of genotypes with Rht8 and/or Rht-B1 genes. Crop and Pasture Science, 62 (12): 1017-1025.

Shtereva L., Vassilevska-Ivanova R., Karceva T., Kraptchev B. (2014) Micropropagation of six Paulownia genotypes trough tissue culture. J of Central European Agriculture, 15 (4): 147-156.

Landjeva S., Börner A., Pshenichnikova T., Khlestkina E., Kartseva T., Lohwasser U. (2014) The genetic approach to physiological studies in bread wheat. Genetics and Plant Physiology, 4, (1-2): 68-79.

Kocheva K., Nenova V., Karceva T., Petrov P., Georgiev G., Börner A., Landjeva S. (2014) Changes in water status, membrane stability and antioxidant capacity of wheat seedlings carrying different Rht-B1 dwarfing alleles under drought stress. Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science, 200 (2): 83-91.

Vassilevska-Ivanova R., Shtereva L., Kraptchev B., Karceva T. (2014) Response of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L) genotypes to PEG-mediated water stress. Central European Journal of Biology, 9 (12): 1206-1214.

Nenova V., Kocheva K., Petrov P., Georgiev G., Karceva T., Börner A., Landjeva S. (2014) Wheat Rht-b1 dwarfs exhibit better photosynthetic response to water deficit at seedling stage compared to the wild type. J Agro Crop Sci, 200 (6): 434-443.

Shtereva L., Vassilevska-Ivanova R., Karceva T., Kraptchev B. 2015. Salt tolerance among two sunflower genotypes: Helianthus annuus and interspecific line Helianthus annuus x Helianthus mollis. Genetics and Plant Physiology, 5 (1): 61-73. ISSN:1314-6394

Shtereva L., Vassilevska-Ivanova R., Karceva T. (2015) Effect of salt stress on some sweet corn (Zea mays var. saccharata) genotypes. Archives of Biological Science, 3(67): 62-67.

Pshenichnikova T.A., Khlestkina E.K., Landjeva S., Kartseva T., Börner A., Simonov A.V., Shchukina L.V., Morozova E.V. (2015) Genetic dissection of flowering time by analysis of a recombinant chromosome substitution double haploid mapping population of bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) in different geographic regions. Euphytika, 206(1):191-202.

Landjeva S., Korzun V., Börner A., Palejev D., Karceva T., Chamurlijski P., Tsenov N., Koutev V., Rodeva R., Georgiev G., Ganeva G. (2016) Diversity within Bulgarian old bread wheat germplasm. European Cereals Genetics Co-operative Newsletter, 35-42.

Shtereva L., Stoimenova E., Youncheva-Drumeva M., Mihailova B., Kartzeva T., Vassilevska-Ivanova R. 2017. Response of Virginia (flue-cured) tobacco genotypes to water-deficit stress. Archive of Biological Sciences, 68(4): 85-93

Kartseva T., Börner A., Misheva S. 2018. Wheat semi-dwarfing genes affect plant response to drought-induced oxidative stress in a genotype dependent manner. Genetics and Plant Physiology, 8(1-2): 38-50

Shchukina L. V., Pshenichnikova T. A., Khlestkina E. K., Misheva S., Kartseva T., Abugalieva A., Börner A. 2018. Chromosomal location and mapping of quantitative trait locus determining technological parameters of grain and flour in strong-flour bread wheat cultivar Saratovskaya 29. Cereal Research Communications, 1-11.

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