Tanya Toshkova-Yotova


The defense of the dissertation of Tanya Stavreva Toshkova-Yotova for obtaining the “Doctor of Philosophy” degree will take place on 10-12-2020 from 14:00 in an open-access online meeting.
Dissertation title: “Biological activity of products from Coelastrella sp. BGV”.

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The scientific jury is approved by order #876/13.10.2020.

The dissertation will be available in the Institute’s library (Acad. G. Bonchev Street, Bldg. 21, Floor 2, Room 225).


  1. Summary – Tanya Stavreva Toshkova-Yotova
  2. Review – Prof. DrSc Elena Niokolova
  3. Review – Prof. PhD Lilyana Gigova
  4. Opinion – Prof. DrSc Maya Stoyneva
  5. Opinion – Prof. PhD Rumyana Tsoneva
  6. Opinion – Prof. PhD Valya Vassileva

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