Laboratory “Regulators of Plant Growth and Development”



Associate Professor Desislava Todorova, PhD

Building 21, Office 103
Phone.: +359-2-9792676

Research area

Investigation of the role of the regulators of plant growth and development under normal and stress conditions. Search for opportunities to increase plant resistance to abiotic and biotic stressors through the application of new or known plant growth regulators. Development of in vitro models for preservation of the gene pool of rare and endangered species, for increasing plant productivity, for stimulating the biosynthesis of valuable secondary metabolites.

Scientific Projects

Scientific Achievements

Scientific Publications

Research team

Desislava Todorova – Associate Professor, PhD
Office 124, Lab. 103
Phone: +359-2-979-2676 or 2693
Professional interests: Plant growth regulators, polyamines, phytohormones, plant stress.
Iskren Sergiev – Associate Professor, PhD
Office 119, Lab. 105
Phone: +359-2-979-2698 or 2694
Professional interests: Synthetic plant growth regulators, phytohormones, cytokinins, anticytokinins, polyamines, herbicides, plant stress.
Zornitsa Katerova – Assistant Professor, PhD

Office 124, Lab. 103
Phone: +359-2-979-2676 or 2689
Professional interests: Plant stress, UV-stress, polyamines.

Krasimira Tasheva – Assistant Professor, PhD

Офис, Лаб. 324
Phone: +359-2-979-2698 or 2624
Professional interests: In vitro and genetic manipulations, plant development, micropropagation, epigenetic regulation, secondary metabolites production, bioinformatics, medicinal and endangered plants, crops.

Irina Moskova – Assistant Professor, PhD

Office 301, Lab. 105
Phone: +359-2-979-2694
Professional interests: Plant stress, herbicides, plant growth regulators.

Elena Shopova – Assistant Professor, PhD

Office 301, Lab. 103
Phone: +359-2-979-2694 or 2620
Professional interests: abiotic and biotic stress, oxidative stress, antioxidants, herbicides.

Maria Petrova – Assistant Professor, PhD

Lab. 324
Phone: +359-2-979-2624
Professional interests: Micropropagation of medicinal plants; synthesis of secondary metabolites; cell culture; genetic transformation. Research object: Arnica montana L., Gentiana lutea L.

Asya Petrova – Assistant Professor, MSc

Lab. 215
Tel. (+359 2) 979 26 04
Professional interests: agroecology, soil chemistry, biochemistry, genetics, biotechnology, air pollution, atmospheric chemistry, plant resistance.

Margarita Dimitrova – Engineer-ecologist, MSc

Lab. 324
Phone: +359-2-979-2624
Professional interests: In vitro manipulations, micropropagation, in vitro mutagenesis, cell selection, abiotic stress, biotechnology for sustainable environment.

Lyudmila Dimitrova – Biologist, MSc

Lab. 125
Phone: +359-2-979-2694
Professional interests: In vitro mikropropagation, plant growth regulators, plant stress.

Zoya Tsekova – Agronomist, MSc

Lab. 105
Phone: +359-2-979-2694
Scientific interests: Хибридизация; характеристика и оценка на получените хибриди; скрининг за стопански признаци.

Trendafil Nedev – Biologist, MSc

Lab. 123
Phone: +359 2 979 26 92
Professional interests: Laboratory experiments.

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