Ongoing Research Projects

National Funding

КП-06-Н36-2 „Leguminous crops in Bulgaria – a source of useful additional proteinaceous substances“ (2020-2023). Project coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Lyudmila Simova-Stoilova, IPPG-BAS. Partners: Institute of Microbiology – BAS, Institute of Plant genetic resources – Agricultural Academy

КП-06-Н41/6 „Potentiating effect of Haberlea extract on soybean Bowman-Birk protease inhibitor in breast cancer cell lines” (2020-2023). Project coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Diana Zasheva, IBIR – BAS. Partners: IPPG-BAS, Agrobioinstitute – Agricultural Academy

ДН11/8: „Small NudC proteins: effective regulators of development and stress tolerance of Arabidopsis thaliana“ (2018-2023). Project coordinator: Prof. Valya Vassileva, IPPG – BAS. Partner: IMB – BAS.

КП-06-Н21/8: „Mechanisms of recovery from drought and frost-induced desiccation: strategies for survival of the resurrection plant Haberlea rhodopensis“ (2018-2022). Project coordinator: Prof. Katya Georgieva (IPPG – BAS). Partners: ABI – Agricultural Academy; IBPhBME – BAS.

ДН06/12: Study on the adaptive mechanisms to drought in Bulgarian winter wheat varieties” (2017-2022). Project coordinator: Assist. Prof. Anna Dimitrova, IPPG – BAS. Partner: ABI – Agricultural Academy.

ДН06/9: “A comprehensive study on the signaling mechanisms guiding interactions between host plants, rhizosphere microbiota, arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and root parasitic plants” (2017-2022). Project coordinator: Prof. Cveta Hristeva, TTPI – Agricultural Academy. Partner: IPPG – BAS.

National Research Program: „Healthy nutrition for a strong bioeconomy and quality of life“ (2019-2023). Project coordinator from IPPG – BAS: Prof. Violeta Velikova.

National Research Program: „Environmental protection and reduction of the risk for adverse climate changes“, 2019-2023. Project coordinator from IPPG – BAS: Prof. Valya Vassileva.

Bilateral cooperation

КП-06-Индия-9: “Exploring the natural diversity in tomato germplasm for phosphate starvation responses” (2019-2022), Bulgaria – India programme for cooperation in science and technology co-funded by the National Science Fund at the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science. Project coordinators: Assoc. Prof. Kiril Mishev (IPPG – BAS) and Assist. Prof. Rahul Kumar (Department of Plant Sciences, University of Hyderabad, Telangana, India).

Project HormOnDrought: Physiological and molecular mechanisms of phytohormones-mediated drought stress tolerance, 2022-2024, Joint Research Project between the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the Lithuanian Academy of Science Project coordinators  Assoc. Prof. Irina I. Vaseva (IPPG-BAS) and Dr. Giedrė Samuolienė (Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry – LAMMC).

International Funding

COST Action CA19125: ‘Epigenetic mechanisms of crop adaptation to climate change” (EPI-CATCH), 2020-2024. Project coordinator from IPPG-BAS: Prof. Valya Vassileva.

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