GPP 2(1-2) 2012

Genetics and Plant Physiology
Volume 2, No 1-2, 2012
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Dimitrova A. D., K. I. Gecheff , E. D. Ananiev – Methylation pattern of ribosomal RNA genes in NOR-deleted and NOR-reconstructed barley lines (Hordeum vulgare L.). Organization of IGS in rDNA repeat unit 03-14 PDF
Petrov P. I., K. V. Kocheva, A. S. Petrova, G. I. Georgiev – Ion leakage and leaf anatomy of barley plants subjected to dehydration 15-23 PDF
Gigova L., G. Gacheva, N. Ivanova, P. Pilarski – Effects of temperature on Synechocystis sp. R10 (Cyanoprokaryota) at two irradiance levels. I. Effect on growth, biochemical composition and defense enzyme activities 24-37 PDF
Gigova L., G. Gacheva, R. Toshkova, L. Yossifova, E. Gardeva, N. Ivanova, I. Iliev, V. Kusssovski, H. Najdenski – Effects of temperature on Synechocystis sp. R10 (Cyanoprokaryota) at two irradiance levels. II. Effect on antibacterial, antifungal and cytotoxic activities 38-49 PDF
Leonardo M., F. Broetto, J. A. Marchese, D. F. Bressan, D. J. Marques, R. B. S. Coscolin – Effects of mineral stress on the vegetative development of greenhouse-grown bell pepper plants 50-56 PDF
Reis C. M. G., M. G. Diogo – Identification of field pea cultivars (Pisum sativum L.) using micro-satellite molecular markers 57-63 PDF
Bezlova D., E. Tsvetkova, D. Karatoteva, L. Malinova – Content of heavy metals and arsenic in medicinal plants from recreational areas in Bulgarka Nature Park 64-72 PDF
Fazelian N., Z. Asrar, Kh. Manuchehri Kalantari – Effects of arsenic on the growth and oxidative stress in Matricaria recutita L. 73-81 PDF
Tammam A. A. – Selenium increased the efficiency of antioxidant system in root cells of two wheat cultivars differing in aluminium tolerance 82-97 PDF
Ivanova A., K. Ananieva, K. Mishev, E. D. Ananiev – Lipid composition in leaves and cotyledons of Cucurbita pepo L. (zucchini) during natural and induced senescence 98-106 PDF
In memoriam 107 PDF
GPP Sponsor – Labko Ltd. 108 PDF
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