GPP 3(1-2) 2013

Genetics and Plant Physiology
Volume 3, No 1-2, 2013
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Moradi H., T. Elzenga, F. Lanfermeijer
Physiological characterization of anion channel mutants of Arabidopsis
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Abramchik L. M., L. F. Kabashnikova, G. E. Savchenko
The xantophyll pigments and abscisic acid under heat stress in green seedlings of short- and long-stem cultivars of triticale
17-26 PDF
Zlatanov I., N. Terezova, S. Stoichev, M. Dimitrov
Fluorescent study of the pontaneous insertion of cytochrome b6f into lipid bilayers
27-41 PDF
Pavlova D.
Pollen morphology of some Balkan species from genus Oxytropis DC (Fabaceae)
42-54 PDF
Kroumov A., G. Gacheva, I. Iliev, S. Alexandrov, P. Pilarski, G. Petkov
Analysis of Sf/V ratio of photobioreactors linked with algal physiology
55-64 PDF
Kirova E., K. Ananieva, N. Tzvetkova
Soybean plants with symbiotic N2 fixation are more resistant to salt stress than nitrate-fed plants
65-76 PDF
Chariya L. D., V. B. Mandaliya, V. S. Thaker
Conversion of monomorphic band into polymorphic pattern using nucleotide sequencing data in Musa varieties
77-89 PDF
Warrier R. R., M. Paul, M. V. Vineetha
Estimation of salicylic acid in Eucalyptus leaves using spectrophotometric methods
90-97 PDF
Umebese C. E., T. A. Azeez, K. O. Adekoya
Role of ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid and salicylic acid in alleviating
cytogenetic toxicity of copper in roots of Allium cepa (L.)
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