GPP 3(3-4) 2013

Genetics and Plant Physiology
Volume 3, No 3-4, 2013
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Krasnikova M. S., A. V. Troitsky, A. G. Solovyev, S. Y. Morozov
Comparison of the TAS3 genes coding for trans-acting small interfering RNA in Araceae
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Alexandrov S., I. Iliev, G. Petkov
The alga Trachydiscus minutus aids purification of biogas to methane
126-132 PDF
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Gholizadeh A.
Gene and enzymatic activities of Arabidopsis D-amino acid oxidase in salty media
133-145 PDF
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Doncheva S., E. Gesheva, M. Chavdarova, R. Vassilevska, T. Andreev
Effect of silicon supply on growth and malate-metabolizing enzymes in Mn-treated pea plants
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Oner F., M. S. Odabas
Leaf area prediction in rice (Oryza sativa L.) cultivars using multiple regression analysis
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Nemat Alla M. M., G. M. Abogadallah, E. G. Badran, R. M. Nada, N. M. Hassan
Supplementary CaCl2 ameliorates wheat tolerance to NaCl
163-178 PDF
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Mohammadi F., R. A. Khavari-Nejad
Effect of indoleacetic acid on growth and antioxidant properties in Glycine max seedlings exposed to aluminium toxicity
179-190 PDF
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Das K., C. Mandal, N. Ghosh, S. Banerjee, N. Dey, M. K. Adak
Effects of spermidine on the physiological activities of Marsilea minuta Linn. under cadmium stress
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Stoychev V., I. Vaseva, L. Simova-Stoilova, K. Demirevska
Waterlogging stress in white (Trifolium repens L.) and red (Trifolium pratense L.) clover and the role of proteolysis
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