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The laboratory of Experimental Algology was founded in 1967 as a Laboratory of research and development in the area of algae. In 1986 the laboratory was jointed with the Institute of Plant Physiology. Now the Department is a scientific and structural part of the Institute of Plant Physiology and Genetics. The main line of the Department’s research activity is physiology, biochemistry and biotechnology of algae.

Field of Research

  • Physiology and biochemistry of microalgae and cyanoprocaryotes from various taxa, placed under normal conditions and under stress.
  • Biosynthesis of phycobiliproteins, fatty acids, sterols, polysaccharides, volatile substances, growth regulators, and substances with bactericidal and fungicidal properties. Effects of abiogenic and biogenic factors (bacteria and parasites) on these processes.
  • New technologies for algal biomass production and downstream processing.

Current research projects

National funding

  • Study of integrated microbiological process for production of biogas from lignocellulosic waste, and use of CO2 for cultivation of microalgae. 2013-2014. Grant BNSF-E01/0001.
  • Remediation of soils polluted with mineral oil products by means of microalgae. Grant BNSF-DMU-02/2. Project Leader: G. Stoilkova. Partners: IOChCPh-BAS, AU-Plovdiv, Inst. “Pushkarov”.

Bilateral cooperation

  • Research and Application of Cyanobacteria and Microalgae Isolated from Extreme Habitats. Joint Research Project of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 2011-2013, project leaders Jaromir Lukavsky and Georgi Petkov.

Scientific Achievements

Scientific Publications



Plamen Pilarski, Associate Professor, PhD

Phone: +359-2-979-21 82
Professional interests: Physiology and biochemistry of algae, Green algae, Cyanobacteria, Isolation of new algae strains, Biotechnology, Cultivation techniques, Large scale cultivation.

Ivan Iliev, Assistant Professor, PhD

Phone: +359-2-979-21 09
Professional interests: Ecophysiology and biochemistry of algae, Algal biotechnology and large-scale cultivation techniques, Low molecular weight metabolites from algae.

Gergana Marinova, Assistant Professor, PhD

Phone: +359-2-979-21 82
Professional interests: Ecophysiology and biochemistry of cyanobacteria and algae, Stress effects, Intensive cultivation, Phycobiliproteins, Polysaccharides, Antioxidant enzymes, Biologically active substances of algae.

Yuliana Ivanova, Assistant Professor, PhD

Phone: 02-979-37 45
Professional interests: Interactions  between bacteria and algae, bio-active substances, purification of water from heavy metals.

Svetoslav Alexandrov, Assistant Professor, PhD

Phone: +359-2-979-21 89
Professional interests: Algal biotechnology, plant physiology, evolution of plants, space biology.

Petya Dimitrova, Assistant

Phone: 02-979-21 82
Professional interests: Physiology and biochemistry of algae, green algae, cyanobacteria, isolation of new algal strains, intensive cultivation of algae.

Ivanina Vasileva, Assistant Professor

Phone: 02-979-21 96
Professional interests: Cyanobacteria and algae, biochemical methods, abiotic stress, secondary metabolites.

Tanya Stavreva Toshkova-Yotova

Phone: 02-979-21 82
Professional interests: Physiology and biochemistry of microalgae, intense cultivation of microalgae, green microalgae, isolation of new algal strains, maintenance algae collection, Biologically active substances of algae.


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