Associate Professor Lyudmila Simova-Stoilova, PhD

Building 21, Office 104, Lab. 107
Phone: +359-2-9792677; +359-2-979-2681

ORCID: 0000-0003-1590-294X
SCOPUS Author ID: 6507735732
Research Gate: Lyudmila_Simova

Field of Research

Our basic and applied research projects are focused on elucidating the genetic and epigenetic aspects of the regulation of gene expression in higher plants. The nuclear and plastid gene functions are studied through the generation and characterization of transgenic lines with overexpression or silencing of the genes of interest. We aim at deciphering the molecular mechanisms of plant adaptation to abiotic and biotic stress in the search for novel strategies for improvement of plant resistance to unfavorable environmental factors. Our toolbox comprises genetic, biochemical and light microscopy approaches for:

  • Identification and functional analysis of genes associated with plant development and stress tolerance;
  • Dissection of the impact of the altered nuclear DNA methylation on the functional status of model plant species, as well as economically important crops;
  • Development of novel molecular markers for plant susceptibility to abiotic stress;
  • Studies on the hormone regulation in plants and the hormonal crosstalk in optimal and suboptimal environmental conditions.

The model plant species Arabidopsis thaliana, as well as several crop species (wheat, legumes, tomato, and others) are routinely used as experimental plant material in our lab.

Ongoing Research Projects

Research Topics

Scientific Publications

Research Team


Valya Vassileva – Professor, PhD
Office 222, Lab. 107
Tel. +359 (2) 979 2602 or 2681
Professional interests: Root development, epigenetic regulation of gene expression, DNA methylation, maintainance DNA methyltansferases, phytochormonal signaling, nuclear migration, cell cytoskeleton.
Lyudmila Simova-Stoilova – Associate Professor, PhD
Office 104, Lab. 107
Tel. +359 (2) 979 2677 or 2681
Professional interests: Plant biochemistry and proteomics, post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression, abiotic stress, protein stress markers, proteases, protease inhibitors.
Irina I. Vaseva – Associate Professor, PhD
Office 222, Lab. 121
Tel. +359 (2) 979 2602 or 2691
Professional interests: Plant hormones, ethylene, cytokinins, cell type specificity of hormonal signaling and crosstalk, dehydrins, expression of stress-inducible proteins.
Kiril Mishev – Associate Professor, PhD
Office 117, Lab. 112
Tel: +359 (2) 979 2689 or 2685
Professional interests: Plant endomembrane trafficking, plant hormone signal transduction, chemical genetics, regulation of the chloroplast gene expression, functional organization of the photosynthetic apparatus.
Mariyana Georgieva – Assistant Professor, PhD
Office 104, Lab. 110
Tel. +359 (2) 979 2677 or 2682
Professional interests: Genome integrity, eco-genotoxicology (comet assay), plant adaptation to abiotic stress, epigenetic regulation, molecular cytogenetics (FISH and GISH), physical mapping, chromosome structure, statistical methods in molecular biology.
Anna Dimitrova – Assistant Professor, PhD
Office 104, Lab. 110
Tel: +359 (2) 979 2677 or 2682
Professional interests: rRNA genes, chromatin, nuclear matrix, genotyping, genetic and epigenetic regulation of plant gene transcription under abiotic stress.
Volodymyr Strashnyuk – Researcher, DSc
Office 117
Tel: +359 (2) 979 2689
Professional interests: Genetics of Drosophila, biology of polytene chromosomes, epigenetics, developmental biology, radiobiology, population biology.
Valentin Velinov – researcher, MSc

Lab. 110
Tel: +359 (2) 979 2682
Professional interests: NudC proteins, abiotic stress, root development, phytochormonal signaling.

Dimitar Todorov – Researcher, MSc

Lab. 112
Tel: +359 (2) 979 2685
Professional interests: Epigenetic regulation of gene expression, DNA methylation, maintainance DNA methyltansferases, remethylation.

Violeta Ivanova – Researcher, BSc

Lab. 102
Tel. +359 (2) 979 2685
Professional interests: Endomembrane trafficking, regulation of gene expression, plant stress adaptation.

Neli Georgieva – Researcher, BSc

Lab. 110
Tel. +359 (2) 979 2682
Professional interests: Genome integrity, plant stress adaptation, regulation of gene expression.

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