BJPP – Vol. XXVI, No 1-2, 2000

Table of Content
Bulgarian Journal of Plant Physiology – Volume XXVI, No 1-2, 2000 Pages Full text
Volume content PDF
Ignatov I., V. Vassileva, S. Dimova-Terziivanova – The oxidative properties of mitochondria and bacteroids from root nodules of soybean treated with organic acids 03-14 PDF
Simova-Stoilova L., K. Demirevska-Kepova, Z. Stoyanova – Total and Rubisco specific proteolytic activity during dark induced senescence of barley seedlings 15-26 PDF
Nikolova A., D. Nedeva, L. Tyankova – Electrophoretic patterns of proteins, isolated from soybean seeds grown under conditions of some mineral deficiency and after different periods of storage 27-38 PDF
Yakimova E., V. Kapchina-Toteva, I. Groshkoff, G. Ivanova – Effect of BA and CPPU on protease and a-amylase activity of in vitro cultured explants of Rosa hybrida L. 39-47 PDF
Ananieva K., E.D. Ananiev – Interaction between methyl ester of jasmonic acid and benzyladenine during the growth of excised greening cotyledons of Cucurbita pepo L. (zucchini) 48-57 PDF
Zeinalov Y., L. Maslenkova – On the action spectra of photosynthesis and spectral dependence of quantum efficiency 58-69 PDF
Yordanov I., V. Velikova – Photoinhibition of photosystem 1
70-92 PDF

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