BJPP – Vol. XXVII, No 1-2, 2001

Table of Content
Bulgarian Journal of Plant Physiology – Volume XXVII, No 1-2, 2001 Pages Full text
Volume content PDF
Zehirov G., G.I. Georgiev – Effect of transient short-term boron deprivation on the growth, nodulation and N2-fixation of soybean plants 03-14 PDF
Simova-Stoilova L., Z. Stoyanova, K. Demirevska-Kepova – Ontogenic changes in leaf pigments, total soluble protein and Rubisco in two barley varieties in relation to yield 15-24 PDF
Arsova A., T. Raychev – Effect of organo-mineral treatment on productivity of alfalfa grown on copper and zinc polluted soils 25-35 PDF
Angelova Y., S. Petkova, E. Zozikova, E. Kotseva, L. Iliev – Effect of kinetin and 4PU-30 on the growth and the content of polyphenols in tobacco callus tissue 36-42 PDF
Pastur G.M., D. Zappacosta, M. Arena, N. Curvetto – Changes in isoperoxidase patterns during the in vitro rooting of Nothofagus antarctica 43-53 PDF
Yonova P., E. Guleva, E. Zozikova, E. Kotseva – Senescence dependent changes in some metabolic processes affected by 1,1′-polymethylenebis (3-arylsubstituted) ureas in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) leaf segments 54-71 PDF
Gill P.K., A.D. Sharma, P. Singh, S.S. Bhullar – Effect of various abiotic stresses on the growth, soluble sugars and water relations of sorghum seedlings grown in light and darkness 72-84 PDF
Lambrev P., V. Goltsev – pH dependence of the effects of diuron, atrazine and dinoseb on the luminescent properties of thylakoid membranes 85-100 PDF
Mariela Odjakova M., Ch. Hadjiivanova – The complexity of pathogen defense in plants
101-109 PDF

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