BJPP – Vol. XXVII, No 3-4, 2001

Table of Content
Bulgarian Journal of Plant Physiology – Volume XXVII, No 3-4, 2001 Pages Full text
Volume content PDF
Zaharieva I., S.G. Taneva, V. Goltsev – Effect of temperature on the luminescent characteristics in leaves of Arabidopsis mutants with decreased unsaturation of the membrane lipids 03-19 PDF
Yordanov I., T. Tsonev, V. Velikova, K. Georgieva, P. Ivanov, N. Tsenov, T. Petrova – Changes in CO2 assimilation, transpiration and stomatal resistance of different wheat cultivars experiencing drought under field conditions 20-33 PDF
Kirnak H., C. Kaya, I. Tas, D. Higgs – The influence of water deficit on vegetative growth, physiology, fruit yield and quality in eggplants 34-46 PDF
Kaya C., D. Higgs, H. Kirnak – The effects of high salinity (NaCl) and supplementary phosphorus and potassium on physiology and nutrition development of spinach 47-59 PDF
Yonova P., E. Zozikova – Comparative analysis of some biochemical and enzymatic changes in senescing barley leaves by using 1,1′-polymethylenebis (3-aryl-substituted) thioureas 60-75 PDF
Ananieva K., E.D. Ananiev – Effect of methylphenylsulfonyl fluoride – an inhibitor of proteases, on the growth and polypeptide profile of excised cotyledons of Cucurbita pepo L. (zucchini) after treatment with benzyladenine 76-84 PDF
Aydin N., A. Kadioglu – Changes in the chemical composition, polyphenol oxidase and peroxidase activities during development and ripening of medlar fruits (Mespilus germanica L.) 85-92 PDF
Babalakova N., D. Traykova – Copper-induced cupric- and ferric-chelate reduction by intact barley roots 93-103 PDF
Brief Communication
Pystina N.V., R.A. Danilov – Experimental data from three native representatives of natural communities in north-east Russia: Does the activity of the alternative respiratory pathway in leaves depend on the carbohydrate status?
104-108 PDF

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