BJPP – Vol. XXVIII, No 3-4, 2002

Table of Content
Bulgarian Journal of Plant Physiology – Volume XXVIII, No 3-4, 2002 Pages Full text
Volume content PDF
Abdulova G., E. Ananiev, P. Grozdanov – Isolation and purification of nuclear DNA from excised cotyledons of Cucurbita pepo L. (zucchini) 03-11 PDF
Gill P.K., A.D. Sharma, P. Singh, S.S. Bhullar – Osmotic stress-induced changes in germination, growth and soluble sugar content of Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench seeds 12-25 PDF
Saroop S., S.V. Chanda, Y.D. Singh – Changes in soluble and ionically bound peroxidase activities during Brassica juncea seed development 26-34 PDF
Arsova A. – Cation-exchange characteristics of wheat, barley and pea depending on the osmotic pressure in nutrient solutions at low pH 35-45 PDF
Sood Ch.R., S.V. Chanda, Y.D. Singh – Effect of different nitrogen sources and plant growth regulators on glutamine synthetase and glutamate synthase activities of radish cotyledons 46-56 PDF
Zeinalov Y. – An equipment for investigations of photosynthetic oxygen production reactions 57-67 PDF
Vassilev A., J. Vangronsveld, I. Yordanov – Cadmium phytoextraction: present state, biological backgrounds and research needs
68-95 PDF
Lidon F.C., M.G. Barreiro – An overview into aluminum toxicity in maize
96-112 PDF

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