GPP 5(1) 2015

Genetics and Plant Physiology
Volume 5, No 1, 2015

Special Issue

Project BG051PO001-3.3.06-0025
“Support for training and development of young competitive research experts in the
field of physiology, phytochemistry,
genomics, proteomics and biodiversity
of eukaryotic organisms”

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Nikolova I., M. Georgieva, K. Kruppa, M. Molnár-Láng, L. Liu,
V. Manova, L. Stoilov

Cytogenetic effects in barley root apical meristem after exposure of dry seeds to lithium ion beams
03-09 PDF
696 kB
Georgieva M., L. Stoilov
Neutral comet profiles: reliable system for analyses of DNA strand breaks distribution
10-14 PDF
4485 kB
Gospodinova Z., M. Krasteva
Cichorium intybus L. from Bulgaria inhibits viability of human breast cancer cells in vitro
15-22 PDF
725 kB
Kocheva K., M. Chavdarova, E. Gesheva, S. Doncheva, G. Georgiev
Implementation of a kinetic model for evaluation of leaf ion leakage from sunflower (Helianthus annuus) plants subjected to high zinc and lead concentrations
23-28 PDF
370 kB
Gacheva G., P. Dimitrova, P. Pilarski
New strain Haematococcus cf. pluvialis Rozhen-12 – growth, biochemical characteristics and future perspectives
29-38 PDF
655 kB
Todorova D., S. Kamenova, K. Ananieva
Changes of endogenous polyamines in excised Cucurbita pepo L. (zucchini) cotyledons cultivated in the presence of benzyladenine and methyl jasmonate
39-47 PDF
323 kB
Petrova M., M. Nikolova, L. Dimitrova, E. Zayova
Micropropagation and evaluation of flavonoid content and antioxidant activity of Salvia officinalis L.
48-60 PDF
856 kB
Shtereva L., R. Vassilevska-Ivanova, T. Kartzeva, B. Kraptchev
Salt tolerance of two sunflower genotypes: Helianthus annuus and interspecific line Helianthus anuus × Helianthus mollis
61-73 PDF
597 kB
Mihailova G., M. Velitchkova, V. Doltchinkova, D. Lazarova,
K. Georgieva

Photosynthetic characteristics of the resurrection plant Haberlea rhodopensis from two habitats
74-85 PDF
491 kB
Koycheva Y., T. Taseva, S. Popova, D. Stoimenova, L. Penkov
Effects of progesterona on the expression of growth-related imprinted genes Igf2, H19 and Grb10 in the mouse placenta
86-93 PDF
442 kB
Taseva T., Y. Koycheva, S. Popova, D. Stoimenova, L. Penkov
Ethanol exposure during gestation alters Igf2 expression in developing mouse embryos
94-101 PDF
663 kB
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