GPP 6(1-2) 2016

Genetics and Plant Physiology
Volume 6, No 1-2, 2016
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Preface – – PDF
Content – – PDF
Vassileva V., E. Hollwey, D. Todorov, P. Meyer
Leaf epidermal profiling as a phenotyping tool for DNA methylation mutants
03-13 PDF
4334 kB
Stoyanov A., K. Lahtchev
The methylotrophic yeast Ogataea (Hansenula) polymorpha as a model organism for studying reproductive isolation
14-26 PDF
532 kB
Pavlova D., F. Laporte, E. D. Ananiev, M. Herzog
Pollen morphological studies on Arabis alpina L. (Brassicaceae) populations from the alps and the Rila mountains
27-42 PDF
1158 kB
Anev S., A. Ivanova, N. Tzvetkova, M. Panayotov, S. Yurukov
Stomatal control on photosynthesis in drought-treated subalpine pine saplings
43-53 PDF
562 kB
Salem J. M.
In vitro propagation of Moringa oleifera L. under salinity and ventilation conditions
54-64 PDF
489 kB
Angelov G., I. Bednarska
Isoenzyme variation and genetic relationships among five species of genus Festuca from Ukraine
65-71 PDF
344 kB
Al Muhairi M. A., A. J. Cheruth, S. S. Kurup, G. A. Rabert, M. S. Al-Yafei
Abscisic acid-induced modifications in growth and pigment composition of lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) under different irrigation regimes
72-84 PDF
1009 kB
Gigova L., G. Marinova
Significance of microalgae – grounds and areas
396 kB
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