GPP 6(3-4) 2016

Genetics and Plant Physiology
Volume 6, No 3-4, 2016
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Cepák V., P. Přibyl, V. Jiřičný, J. Kohoutková
Effect of different light spectra on growth and fatty acid composition in the eustigmatophycean microalga Trachydiscus minutus
103-115 PDF
Simova-Stoilova L., E. Kirova, G. Zehirov, I. Vaseva,  U. Feller
Aminopeptidase activities in roots and leaves of drought stressed winter wheat seedlings
116-134 PDF
Petrova L., A. Yordanova, V. Bogoeva
Adenine binding capacity of a plant lectin Concanavalin A
135-141 PDF
Stoycheva T., M. Pesheva, P. Venkov
Oxidative stress generated by carcinogens in Sacchromyces cerevisae allows their detection with a short-therm test
142-157 PDF
Savchenko G. E., Kabashnikova  L. F. , Abramchik L. M.
Effect of exogenous β-amino butyric acid on exo- and endo-cellular pH and redox state of ascorbate in leaves of barley seedlings (Hordeum vulgare L.)
158-166 PDF
Lamlom S., S. Georgieva, P. Dimitrova-Mateva, S. Anev, N. Tzvetkova,
G. Chaneva

Changes of some oxidative stress markers in beech leaves after Orchestes fagi infestation
167-175 PDF
Khaitov B.
Effect of synergetic interactions of abruscula micorrhiza fungi and rhizobia on soybean yield under saline condition
176-185 PDF
Arunprasath A., M. Gomathinayagam
Differential expression in morphology and photosynthetic pigment composition of Ceriops decandra after NaCl stress
186-194 PDF
Spirova M.
110 Years since the birth of Professor Gencho Genchev (02 September 1906 – 25 November 1989)
195-200 PDF
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