BJPP – Vol. XXI, No 2-3, 1995

Table of Content
Bulgarian Journal of Plant Physiology – Volume XXI, No 2-3, 1995 Pages Full text
Volume content PDF
Palavan-Ünsal N. – Stress and polyamine methabolism 03-14 PDF
Edreva A., I. Yordanov, R. Kardjieva, E. Hadjiiska, E. Gesheva – Expression of phenylamides in abiotic stress conditions 15-23 PDF
Lambers H., O.W. Nagel, J.J.C.M. van Arendonk – The control of biomass partitioning in plants from “favourable” and “stressful” environments: a role for gibberellins and cytokinins 24-32 PDF
Mapelli S., F. Locatelli, A. Bertani – Effect of anaerobic environment on germination and growth of rice and wheat: endogenous levels of ABA and IAA 33-41 PDF
Popova L. – Effect of fluridone on plant development and stress-induced ABA accumulation in Vicia faba L. plants 42-50 PDF
Yordanov I. – Responses of photosynthesis to stress and plant growth regulators 51-70 PDF
Hall M.A., A.R. Smith – Ethylene and the responses of plants to stress 71-79 PDF
Gaspar T., C. Kevers, T. Franck, B. Bisbis, J.-P. Billard, C. Huault, F. Le Dily, G. Petit-Paly, M. Rideau, C. Penel, M. Crèvecoeur, H. Greppin – Paradoxical results in the analysis of hyperhydric tissues considered as being under stress: questions for a debate 80-97 PDF
Karamanos A.J. – The involvement of proline and some metabolites in water stress and their importance as drought resistance indicators 98-110 PDF
Kieliszewska-Rokicka B., M. Rudawska, T. Leski – Effect of acid rain and aluminium on ectomycorrhizal symbiosis: alternations of IAA-synthesizing activity in ectomycorrhizal fungi 111- n/a

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