BJPP – Vol. XXII, No 1-2, 1996

Table of Content
Bulgarian Journal of Plant Physiology – Volume XXII, No 1-2, 1996 Pages Full text
Volume content PDF
Popova L. – Effect of fluridone on plant development, leaf anatomy and plastid ultrastructure of barley plants 03-12 PDF
Yordanov I., K. Georgieva, T. Tsonev, V. Velikova – Effect of cold hardening on some photosynthetic characteristics of pea (Pisum sativum L., cv. Ran 1) plants 13-21 PDF
Atanassova L., M. Pissarska, I. Stoyanov – Cytokinins and growth responces of maize and pea plants to salt stress 22-31 PDF
Arsova A. – Maize production and cation content in biomass depending on soil acidity neutralization and mineral nutrition 32-39 PDF
Denev I., I. Minkov – Membrane proteins localization in non-irradiated and flash irradiated prolamellar bodies and prothilakoides, isolated from wheat, measured by fluorescence probes 1-aniline-8-naphthalene sulfonate and pyrene 40-52 PDF
Tzvetkova N., D. Kolarov – Effect of air pollution on carbohydrate and nutrients concentrations in some deciduous tree species 53-63 PDF
Yanev T., S. Kovatchev, D. Krezhova, T. Zdravev, H. Nikolov, D. Todorov, E. Karanov – Estimation of the physiological state of maize plants grown under stress conditions using high spatial resolution spectrometer – conditions for spectral class formation 64-72 PDF
Edreva A. – Polyamines in plants
73-101 PDF
IV Symposium ‘Plant peroxidases: Biochemistry and physiology’ (Vienna, Austria, July 6–10, 1996)
102-104 PDF
Announcement 105 PDF

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