BJPP – Vol. XXIII, No 3-4, 1997

Table of Content
Bulgarian Journal of Plant Physiology – Volume XXIII, No 3-4, 1997 Pages Full text
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Stoyanova Z., S. Doncheva, V. Georgieva, R. Ioncheva – A possibility of using hydroxide mixed crystals as sources of copper and zinc in lettuce (Lactuca sativa) cultivation 03-13 PDF
Doltchinkova V., G. Chaneva – Influence of calcium ions on the surface charge density and light-scattering in Plectonema boryanum spheroplasts 14-23 PDF
Georgieva K. – Effect of protein phosphorylation on the functional activity of photosystem 2 under photoinhibitory conditions 24-34 PDF
Milanov G., D. Stefanov, V. Goltsev, R. Batchvarova – Changes in the submilli- and millisecond kinetics of dark relaxation of delayed fluorescence in tobacco leaves under conditions of bacterial infection by Pseudomonas syringae pv. tabaci 35-42 PDF
Yakimova E., E. Woltering – Stress-induced ethylene production in flower parts of cut carnation flowers cv. Light Pink Tasman 43-56 PDF
Yakimova E., B. Atanassova, V. Kapchina-Toteva – Longevity and some metabolic events in post-harvest spray-carnation (D. caryophyllus f. spray, Hort.) flowers 57-65 PDF
Stoeva T., L. Iliev – Influence of some phenylurea cytokinins on spearmint essential oil composition 66-71 PDF
Yonova P., E. Guleva – Plant growth regulating activity of some novel 1,1′-polymethylenebis(3-arylsubstituted) thioureas 72-79 PDF
Ananieva K., E.D. Ananiev – Comparative study of the effects of methyl jasmonate and abscisic acid on RNA and protein synthesis in excised cotyledons of Cucurbita pepo L. (zucchini) 80-90 PDF
Pandev P. – The effect of Tabex and Lactofol on some physiological characteristics of oriental tobacco 91-99 PDF
Nedeva D., A. Nikolova – Desiccation tolerance in developing seeds
100-113 PDF
Vassilev A., I. Yordanov – Reductive analysis of factors limiting growth of cadmium-treated plants
114-133 PDF

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