GPP 9(1-2) 2019

Genetics and Plant Physiology

Volume 9, No 1-2, 2019

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Edreva A., A. Vitkova, E. Gesheva
Field-cultivated plants from Achillea millefolium group: total flavonoid content, antiradical and antioxidant activities in stems and leaves, and ratio of plant parts
03-10 PDF
Petrov P., T. Kartseva, H. Milanov, T. Tashev, S. Misheva
Why do wheat seedlings respond differently to drought simulated by polyethylene glycol 6000 osmotic stress or soil drying
11-21 PDF
Kozuharova E.
Pollination ecology of medicinal plants – what we must not neglect for their sustainable use
22-35 PDF
Angelova V., D. Georgieva
Relationship between epidermal ridge patterns in three cohorts of Bulgarian population: A pilot study
36-50 PDF
Bednarska I., G. Angelov
Isoenzyme variations and genetic identities among taxa of Festuca series Psammophilae M. Pawlus (Poaceae)
51-56 PDF
Angelov G., I. Bednarska
Isoenzyme variation and systematic relationships among Festuca asperifolia, F. peristerea, F. diffusa and F. valesiaca (Poaceae)
57-63 PDF
Nikolova K., S. Bratkova, P. Genova
Plant growth-promoting bacteria in combination with humic acids improve growth of white clover (Trifolium repens L.) cultivated in poor soils
64-74 PDF
Vassilevska-Ivanova R.
Biology and ecology of genus Cannabis: genetic origin and biodiversity. In vitro production of cannabinoids
75-98 PDF

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