GPP 8(1-2) 2018


Genetics and Plant Physiology

Volume 8, No 1-2, 2018

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Doncheva S., K. Ananieva, D. Stefanov, A. Vassilev, E. Gesheva, N. Dinev
Photosynthetic electron transport and antioxidant defense capacity of sunflower plants under combined heavy metal stress
03-23 PDF
Cepák V., P. Přibyl
Light intensity and nitrogen effectively control exopolysaccharide production by the green microalga Botryococcus braunii (Trebouxiophyceae)
24-37 PDF
Kartseva T., A. Börner, S. Misheva
Wheat semi-dwarfing genes affect plant response to drought-induced oxidative stress in a genotype dependent manner
38-50 PDF
Dimitrova M., L. Denkova, M. Balinska, S. Peykov, S. G. Dimov
pBlue and pYellow – two novel cloning vectors with markers for visual selection of transformants
51-61 PDF
Josifovska S., R. Vazharova, L. Balabanski, M. Malinov, A. Kaneva, S. Panov, D. Toncheva
Mutations in ACTA2 gene detected by next generation sequencing in patients with pathology of great vessels
62-67 PDF
Miladinova-Georgieva K., M. Geneva, Y. Markovska
Effects of EDTA and citrate addition to the soil on C4 photosynthetic enzymes and biochemical indicators for heavy metal tolerance in two paulownia hybrids
68-81 PDF
Tsvetkova I, S. Peykov, B. Kirov, V. Galabov
Optimized procedure for competent cell preparation compatible with standard biobrick assembly protocols
82-87 PDF
Dimeska G., L. Cvetanovska, S. Josifovska, Ž. Sekovski
Low-dose X-rays are able to produce meiotic abnormalities in Vicia faba L.
88-93 PDF
Karagyozov L., E. D. Ananiev
Lysenkoism in Bulgaria: Lessons from 1949
Supplement 1. Proceedings of the April Biological Conference 1949 (in Bulgarian)
94-102 PDF


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