GPP 8(3-4) 2018


Genetics and Plant Physiology

Volume 8, No 3-4, 2018

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Vasileva I., L. Gigova
Effect of different nitrogen sources on the pattern and activity of certain metabolic enzymes of Scenedesmus sp. BGP (Chlorophyceae)
105-120 PDF
Angelov G., I. Bednarska
Isoenzyme variation and systematic relationships among four xerophytes of genus Festuca from Bulgaria
121-128 PDF
Dimov S. G., S. Peykov, A. Vladimirova, M. Balinska A. Gyurova, M. Dimitrov, T. Strateva
Molecular genetic study of potentially bacterio-cinogenic and non-virulent Enterococcus spp. isolates from beehives in Bulgaria
129-137 PDF
Grigorova A., A. Trenova, S. Stanilova
Promoter polymorphism in TGFBR2 is associated with the onset of the relapsing-remiting multiple sclerosis
138-145 PDF
Atanasov V., S. Hristova, A. M. Zhivkov
Molecular simulation of structural changes and membrane-binding capability of mutant I22I FVIII
146-154 PDF

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